Google to announce Android TV at Google I/O in June

Google to announce Android TV at Google I/O in June


Jun 13, 2014
Android TV at Google IO Google is up for launching its new platform for TV- Android TV at Google I/O in the month of June. It is surely backed with an extraordinary technology, strategy and politics. So, there is surely a possibility of Google letting you explore another front of war in your living room. As per the numerous sources familiar with Google, it is revealed that the company is set to summon a conference announcing the launch of the concept in June in San Francisco. Android TV will not be just another random TV, but apart from that, it will be a platform that will propose the manufacturing of TVs and the set top boxes which will help in bringing the services of streaming to the TV. This concept is very much similar to Google TV. Google TV focused on linking up with the existing pay services related to TV in pair of apps, but the Android TV will minimally at the start, be all about the  entertainment; Android based video games and online media services. Various media services like Hulu Plus, Netfix are supposed to take part in Android TV launch event as per the sources of Google.

Pano: Hidden Strength of Android TV

Key focus of Android TV will highlight on the factor of simplicity which will be reflected in the user interface. The concept was called Pano in the initial days of company discussion. The concept behind the Pano is that the applications can easily surface of the distinctive parts of the content in a card-like fashion right on the home-screen. This will allow the users to browse TV shows, movies various other forms of media the moment they turn on the Android TV. This content will be in a series pattern which can be browsed in a horizontal manner and each TV show episode or a movie will be having deep links into the apps of the publishers. This will help the users of being benefited with an option of instantly starting the play back. This experience is completely different from that of conventionally designed traditional Smart TVs,wherein users were required to initially launch the app given by the publisher then browse from the given app catalogue prior to playing a title. Google says that the Android TV will be very much beneficial to the corporate politics. Most of the features are worked upon genuinely to win over the consumer manufacturers of electronics. For a final word, it can surely be stated that Android TV seems to be a really good alternative over Opera, Roku and many others who failed to introduce the jaw-dropping features for customers. For some of the vendors of hardware, Android TV facilitated with games and other smart features, will just be the perfect answer.

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