Nintendo’s Gameboy : Time to celebrate its 25th birthday

Nintendo’s Gameboy : Time to celebrate its 25th birthday


May 14, 2014
Nintendo gameboy 25th birthday Cherishing the success of Nintendo’s Gameboy by celebrating its 25th birthday Though the current time is highly dominated by games like Angry Birds, Candy Crush, etc… yet we cannot forget our childhood days wherein we used to cherish our times with Tetris. Tetris has been a very popular game in the times of 1990s. It has indeed involved and made the times full of real crazy fun. Tetris acclaimed great recognition amongst the children and youth in those days. The concept of this beautiful and engaging game was done by Nintendo’s Gameboy. Last week, Nintendo Gameboy completed 25 years of its existence. It gave birth to portable videogames which shrunk and took away the burden of playing games in big living room. Nintendo not only gave Tetris but it also came up with spectacular games like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan, Super Mario Land, etc. Game Boy was indeed a device which became a great success amongst one and all. With simple two chargeable batteries, children used to make the most of Nintendo’s Gameboy. Although Gameboy became a great historic success, yet its remembrance will always be cherished upon. Last week celebrated and marked the success of Nintendo’s Gameboy by celebrating its 25th Anniversary. The creator of a handy game console, Gameboy came up with a mind blowing creation in those times. When technology was still in development stage, Gameboy came up with simple LED, LCD and VFD games which were indeed a great invention in those times. The games developed by Gameboy were full of addiction and fun. The Game and Watch series by Nintendo’s Gameboy evoked addiction amongst the masses to an extent that people used to challenge amongst each other. The speed of the game increased after resetting the video at 100 points. Though various competitors namely Atari Lynx, Sega, TurboExpress, etc. came up with their competing games, still they failed to swipe away the consumer base away from Nintendo’s Gameboy. Tetris was the USP of Nintendo’s Gameboy which attracted the masses to a great extent. However, with respect to the success of Gameboy and Tetris, both of them were complemented for each other. Henk Rogers, a renowned entrepreneur in game industry said, “Some people say that Tetris made Game Boy, and some people say Game Boy made Tetris. I think both are true.” Though Tetris and Gameboy, both were a major success in the market, yet both of them are incomplete without each other. Gameboy became a popular hit in cartoons as well. It made cameo appearance as well in “The Simpsons” wherein Gameboy was recognized heavily amongst the masses. Gameboy has been appreciated in today’s time as well. By giving a great tribute to Gameboy, a commercial has been launched which displays the journey and celebrates the success of Nintendo’s Gameboy. Henk Rogers concluded by saying, “Now you’re playing with power. Portable power,” we hear at the end of the commercial. Twenty-five years and several incarnations later, that power is still with us.

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