Xiaomi launches its 4K 49 inch Android TV for just $640

Xiaomi launches its 4K 49 inch Android TV for just $640


May 27, 2014
Xiaomi launches its 4K 49-inch Android TV About Xiaomi: Xiaomi is a popular and renowned electronics company headquartered and based at Beijing, China. Enjoying a pioneering position as one of the most sought and popular companies in China, Xiaomi Inc. develops, designs, plans and sells electronic goods like mobile apps, smartphone, Tablet, Laptops, Television along with several other electronic goods. After gaining an excessive market share in mainland China, Xiaomi has succeeded in capturing and making a hold in other parts of the world as well. The found and CEO of Xiaomi is Lei Jun who is considered to be the 23rd richest man in this World (Source: Forbes). With a great hold amongst several products, Xiaomi is aggressively moving ahead to make a great name in this industry. Recently, Xiaomi has launched their first and novel Tablet Mi Pad. With terrific features, the Tablet is gaining great renounce and applauds from user worldwide. Some of the other products of Xiaomi are Mobile Phones, MIUI OS, MiWiFi, MiTV, MiBox, MiCloud, MiTalk and Mi Power Bank. Xiaomi launches its 4K 49 inch Android TV for just $640 After the successful announcement of Xiaomi’s first Tablet Mi Pad, the company Xiaomi Inc. has launched its first and very novel smart TV in market. The TV being a Smart one has already made it to the headlines. The newly launched smart TV is named as Xiaomi Mi TV2. The Xiaomi Mi TV2 flaunts a 49 inches bigger screen display which is in it big news amongst all the competitors as well. With a 4K resolution, the viewer enjoys splendid picture quality and versatile viewing experience. This 4K 49 inches Smart TV has been priced at $640. The biggest USP of this TV is that is flaunts and comprises of an Android Operating System which is only found in smartphones. Sharing a great space with Xiaomi’s MIUI TV Skin, the Android Operating System also provides and offers several entertainment options as well. This feature would facilitate the user to side load several other TV apps with great ease. With respect to Hardware, the Xiaomi Mi TV2 is equipped with a 1.45 GHz quad core CPU and Mali 450 MP4 GPU. The Media Tek MStar 6A918 chip being a latest one offers the best experience to the viewer. With respect to internal storage, the TV is equipped with a 2GB RAM which ease the process of running and storing several OS apps. The screen of Xiaomi Mi TV2 is of 49 inches with 3D display and 4K resolution. Fortunately, Xiaomi Mi TV2 can also be utilized like a storage device. There is a provision of 8GB internal storage which facilitates ease in storing albums, photos, videos, etc… A viewing experience of these memories on a 49 inch Xiaomi Mi TV2 is simply outstanding and mind blowing. Also, there is MicroSD card slot which enables to store an expandable memory of upto 64 GB. The Xiaomi Mi TV2 comprises of Bluetooth Low energy remote in place of that old infrared one. Hence in case one cannot locate the remote, the bottom of the TV can be tapped which would ultimately result in the beep of the remote. The apps of remote can be compatible with the smartphone. Hence it would allow the user to control every function with the help of the smartphone itself.

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