Get Set to Stay Fit with Samsung Gear Fit

Get Set to Stay Fit with Samsung Gear Fit


Apr 24, 2014
Stay Fit with Samsung Gear Fit Samsung has proved to make a phenomenal change in the IT Industry. The IT Giant is indeed ruling the tech segment consistently from last three to four years. Samsung has surpassed the barriers and has come up with various unmatched offerings from time to time. By launching supreme and ultimate gadgets in Smartphone, Tablets, etc… segment, Samsung has pioneered the current market leaders. Samsung has again proved itself unique and different from other players in the market. This time, they are coming up with a product that will create a positive impact to the health and lifestyle of the person. The product is Samsung Gear Fit. Samsung Gear Fit is a small device which is a combination of smart watch and fitness tracker.

About Samsung Gear Fit:

Samsung Gear Fit possesses the ability to track and watch the day to day activities of the users. Daily activities like walking, step count, calorie count, alarm, sleep track, cycling, swimming, etc… can be tracked very easily and efficiently with Samsung Smart Gear Fit. Samsung Gear Fit is a great device to keep a track on one’s health conditions. Though the device is similar to LG’s LifeBand Touch and Sony’s SmartBand, yet the quality varies to a great extent. Smart Gear can be easily connected with the Smart Phone or any other Samsung Gadget. The device can reflect and receive incoming calls as well as control music player.

Technical Understanding: Samsung Gear Fit:

1. Design: Samsung Gear Fit is one of the most amazing and splendid looking device made by a Korean company. The noticeable feature in this device is its curvy AMOLED touchscreen display which definitely stands out in all ways. The 1.84 inch display indeed beats the display of any other competitor namely FitBit’s Force and Garmin’s Vivofit. The edges of the screen have a dominating appearance of a silver trim and black bezel which definitely catches eyeballs. 2. Strap: The rubber strap of Gear Fit is almost similar to the one that is seen in Samsung Gear 2. The best part about strap is that the users can keep it replacing with other colors available in this. It gives out a vibrant image to the onlookers. 3. Functionality: The screen of Smart Gear Fit has a button towards the side portion which is used for on and off function. A button beneath the screen has a heart rate indicator and a slot for charging pins. 4. Connectivity: Unfortunately, the device cannot be connected via USB since there is no in-built USB support. Hence a mediator device is utilized for carrying out the functions of USB. 5. Dimensions: Samsung Smart Gear weighs 27 grams and comes out to have a thickness of 11.95 mm. The user can wear Smart Gear for infinite hours. The user can even wear it while sleeping. The post running and gym session will be wise time to wear it. 6. Screen: The 1.84 inches Smart Gear has an AMOLED display touch screen. The screen is high in quality and so has a resolution of 432 x 128. As an OLED Panel, the Smart Gear provides amazing clarity, brightness and sharp text visibility.

Frequently Asked Questions?

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