FitBit Force: Great product for fitness lovers

FitBit Force: Great product for fitness lovers


Mar 6, 2014
FitBit Force a great product for fitness loversFitBit Force is a great product for health conscious people. It is a wrist band that is actually a fitness gadget. Force is the latest product of FitBit Inc. The headquarters of FitBit Inc. are located in San Francisco, United States of America. The company manufacturers and develops product that actually track the fitness and health conditions of users. There are different products of FitBit like activity tracking device, wireless enabled wearing device which measures number of steps travelled, hours of sleep, quality sleep, etc. FitBit came up with several products namely FitBit Classic, FitBit Ultra, FitBit One, FitBit Zip, FitBit Flex and the recent one FitBit Force. About FitBit Force: FitBit Force is the latest offering by FitBit Inc. It was launched in October, 2013. The FitBit Force is quite a valuable product for people who are regular in fitness regime. The band reflects time as well as daily activities. While the user is working out, FitBit Force tracks the fitness activity of the user and provides real time data. The FitBit Force has an alarm setting as well that wakes the person by a vibrating alarm. Features: FitBit Force looks quite similar to the FitBit Flex model of FitBit Inc. Sometimes it is hard to differentiate between both of them in case the LED display is in off mode. But there are differences amongst both of them. There is an OLED display in Force. The resolution of the screen is also higher than the previous model which enhances clarity. The icons on the screen are big enough to read. Along with this, the user can easily operate and read the screen in sunlight as well. The FitBit Force wrist band is a single piece. It does not have any adjustments in between. The silicon wrist band gets wrapped easily in the wrist. Also the dimension of Force is quite narrowed down in comparison to Samsung Smart Gear. Hence it would not be a pain in the wrist. Force can suit anyone anywhere. The black version specially gives an exquisite and elegant look to the user’s personality. The left button of the dial activates the scrolling option. Specifications: The pack of FitBit Force consists of Force Tracker, Charging Cable, Wireless Dongle, Free Membership of and accessibility of Android and iPhone mobile apps for free. Available in Black and Slate colors, the FitBit Force gives a great option for users to choose from. With respect to dimensions, Force comes in small and large size. The dimension of small one is between 5.5 to 6.9 inches x 0.76 inches (l x w) while the large one is between 6.3 to 8.2 inches x 0.76 inches. The 24 x 7 accessible device is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 for connectivity.  The wireless dongle supports Mac and PC browsers. The lithium ion polymer battery has a life of 7 to 10 days. So it is essential to keep charging the device within 7 – 8 days, depending upon usability. Best for whom: The FitBit Force is an ideal tracker for monitoring day to day activities. Active people who are dedicated in remaining fit with time would find this watch to be best for them. The FitBit Force gives an accurate picture of our health conditions.

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