Amazon Appstream Cloud engine launched for applications

Amazon Appstream Cloud engine launched for applications


Mar 25, 2014
Amazon Appstream Cloud engine Amazon Appstream: Since beginning, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has proved itself to be the largest cloud computing platform. It is supporting millions of websites worldwide. This time, Amazon has focused to create a cloud platform for applications. Hence, Amazon has recently launched its Cloud Engine titled as Amazon Appstream focused only for applications. Amazon Appstream is a web service which deploys the application in the device on its Amazon Web Service (AWS). The objective behind deployment is to stream the input and output process between the device and its application. It works with devices like Tablets, computers and mobile phones. The applications in our device run on Cloud. Cloud facilitates easy handling of computational loads irrespective of the type of device. Appstream enables the user to detect hungry applications from the cloud. These applications are detected for streaming. Amazon Appstream gives an option to either stream all or in parts for the application lying in the cloud. Our devices like personal computers, smart phones, tablets, etc… are majorly limited by the software and hardware. Appstream enables the users to easily access applications on their device despite of being resource intensive. Appstream deploys the applications to Amazon cloud; the computation takes place and streams out the final output. Appstream operates and functions well irrespective of the type of device it is run into. Even though the device is facing any limitation, yet Amazon Appstream removes it and facilitates easy entry of applications by updating them, highly scalable and accessing them instantly without any installations or downloads. Amazon Appstream supports each and every operating system namely Microsoft Windows, Android iOS, Fire OS and Mac OS X. It consists of SDK which consistently stream applications via Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2. Amazon Appstream was previously launched in November last year as a limited edition. Finally, Amazon has launched Appstream which will soon be available in North Virginia area of USA. Slowly and gradually, it will be available in other parts of the World as well.  Amazon Appstream has been eagerly awaited for by the app lovers. Amazon Web service is striving hard to come up with the best of their services to the masses. Mike Frazzini, the General Manager of Amazon Games stated that, “Amazon AppStream frees developers from these limitations by allowing them to stream their applications to low-end devices as if these consumers were using high-end devices.” Later he also added that,” Developers have told us that it is frustrating to build and deliver high-end applications for mass-market devices given their hardware constraints. They want to provide spectacular graphics, and responsive, fluid experiences to the largest possible audience regardless of the device a person chooses to use.” Currently, the availability of Amazon Appstream will be seen in Eastern Region of United States of America on the newly launched Amazon EC2 G2. However, in the times to come, Amazon Appstream can be easily seen in other areas as well. The video stream is upto 720p. It can deliver upto 30 frames per second.

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