Game Developer’s Conference 2014 (GDC)-An Overview

Game Developer’s Conference 2014 (GDC)-An Overview


Apr 1, 2014
Game Developer’s Conference 2014 Gaming Community was eagerly awaiting Game Developers’ Conference anticipating something new in the field of gaming. It was fun to watch GDC where people shared their work in front of the gaming community. There were many sessions, demos and more to make this event truly spectacular. Some innovative, fun and exciting tech pieces were seen.

Some major highlights at Game Developer’s Conference 2014

1. Virtual reality The number one slot was reserved for virtual reality as it was something that was all pervasive. People who are well immersed in the realm of technology, their career were expected to be going places. Major companies like Microsoft and Sony have shown their interest in the field of technology and more and more companies are following their footsteps. Virtual reality is considered as the next step in evolving technology. 2. Project Morpheus Project Morpheus from Sony was another highlight during GDC. It has easily become the talk of the town rearing its head after much speculation. The head has Tron-esque lights that have been mounted on the head and PS Controllers added all lighted up will make you look as if you have just come out from a sci-fi movie. This Morpheus is quite an impressive piece and is a technology that is quite futuristic despite when it was just a prototype. Though, its availability is not certain, it is a matter of excitement that Sony has already decided to jump in this field offering a better and more promising device known as Sony HMZ-T3W. 3. Oculus Rift Oculus Rift was also seen as start-up champion. At 2014 CES, Crystal Cove with higher resolution debuted, the company was relentlessly working towards developing Developer Kit 2. VR headset was taken for a spin and it was found that though the latest version was not perfect, it had definitely shown several improvements. In comparison to dev kit 1, it is going to cost more as the earlier control box has now undergone integration into the display mounted on head and there is only one USB/HDMI fused cable. A motion tracking camera is also included in the latest kit that helps in greater movement within the Rift world. Tracking has improved considerably and motion blur is no longer seen proving that personal Oculus is now available. 4. Valve’s Steam Controller Valve just like Oculus Rift has been spending a lot of time in tweaking steam controller. It was not highly revealing as its comparative pictures had already been shown but whatever changes had been made were enough to raise curiosity level. The touch screen which was the most interesting feature of this controller is no longer seen now and has been replaced using buttons. Though, this touch screen concept has not been let go entirely, it will no longer be a part of this interesting package. This controller will not be available for every game and a combination of keyboard and mouse will be an available option. These were some of the major highlights seen during GDC 2014 that made tech savvy people wishing for more.

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