Entertainment and Infotainment with CarPlay : The new Apple iOS 7.1

Entertainment and Infotainment with CarPlay : The new Apple iOS 7.1


Mar 17, 2014

Entertainment and Infotainment with CarPlay

Finally the much awaited Apple 7.1 has released in market with a bundle of benefits, updations and repairs of previous versions in market. The Apple users had been waiting for Apple version 7.1 with a lot of hope. The phone brings great improvements with respect to stability, UI tweaks and security fixes for Apple’s iPad, iPhone, Apple Products and iPod Touch. The Apple iOS 7.1 shows visual changes to the user. The user can well relate with the changes that can be found in phone dialer app, music shuffle, shift delete keys, etc… An innovative feature which has been added in iOS 7.1 is CarPlay.

An overview: CarPlay

iOS 7.1 brings forward an in-car integration infotainment system named as CarPlay for people who love to drive and get entertained along with it. CarPlay allows the user to access all the options of iPhone without touching them. It gets easily fit in the dashboard. CarPlay allows the user to integrate the apps of iPhone with the digital system of car. The idea behind this is to allow the user to control it as well as the iPhone device simultaneously while driving. The user can very easily connect their device with the help of  a USB in to the digital port in car. This connects the iPhone very conveniently to CarPlay; hence the driver need not look here and there for their device. It ensures safety while driving. What does CarPlay do for you? CarPlay is a wonderful facility for the users who want to stay connected with their device even while driving. The driver can easily access the iPhone functions without touching any one of them. CarPlay makes this possible for the user. Now the user can make and receive calls, listen to music, watch a movie, receive and send text messages, make appointments, notifications and even stay in touch via social networking sites. Apple is planning to permit third party companies to develop CarPlay compatibility into Apple’s apps for easy usability. Some of the CarPlay apps or features are Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, etc… However, it is essential for the car to support CarPlay. Unfortunately there are no such cars at present which can support CarPlay. But Geneva Car Expo 2014 will be showcasing cars that can be CarPlay enabled in Mercedes Benz C class, Ferrari FF and Volvo XC90 SUV. Apart from this there are other Car Giants that have confirmed to support CarPlay Platform in their upcoming models namely BMW, Ford, Land Rover, Nissan, Suzuki, Toyota, Opel, KIA, Chevrolet, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Peugeot –Citroen, etc… How can you operate CarPlay? CarPlay gives multiple options to the user for operating it. The user can set the option as per his convenience. These options need not want the user to touch it or not even look at it. The following are the three options:
  1. Use SIRI and control CarPlay: Siri enables the user to send voice commands to CarPlay. So the user can demand any song from the list or can even ask it to read out the message with the help of Siri.
  2. Touchscreen display: The CarPlay cars have enabled the touch screen option. The user can easily touch the option and do whatever he or she wants.
  3. Car Knobs: The user can connect the car knobs with CarPlay. The user can adjust sound, select the track, use navigation, etc… by simply operating the knobs.

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