iPad Mini with Retina Display: The Talk of The Town

iPad Mini with Retina Display: The Talk of The Town


Dec 9, 2013
When Apple had launched the iPad mini, many considered it to be the ultimate tablet to have hit the market. But last year, in 2012, the iPad mini 2 was launched with even better design and some mind-blowing technology that has been the talk of the town.


 Design and Display: The iPad mini 2 is identical with its previous version, being almost of the same size. However, the iPad mini 2 is marginally thicker than its predecessor, being 7.5 mm in thickness and 0.73 pounds in weight. The display, however, has been kept standard at 7.9 inches. But the apple has launched the iPad mini 2 with Retina Display, With pixelation beyond the perception of the human eye, the iPad mini 2 can capture all the details while being incredibly sharp and accurate with colours. This is a feature that was not present in the iPad mini although it has been introduced in the iPad Air alongside the iPad mini 2. It has a resolution of 2048×1536, and has 3.1 million pixels according to the official claim by Apple, which is more than even an HDTV. It has a pixel density of 326 versus 264 per inch. There is a model of the iPad mini 2 which is available in black or space gray which makes it look more attractive. iPad Mini Technology: This is where the iPad mini 2 is a wonder. Apple has a new A7 64bit chip which is simply the fastest ever used in its device. It has a 1.3 GHz clock speed, which makes the mini 2 even faster than the snapdragon. Everything you do on the mini 2, including gaming, becomes faster and smoother with this chip. It has a 64-bit architecture, which ensures that it you can do anything on your mini at lesser time. The iOS 7 has been a superb feature as well. Add to it the M7 motion coprocessor. It has been specially designed to measure motion from the iPad mini for the better functioning of the apps. That is the sole purpose of this coprocessor which allows the A7 chip to operate even more efficiently. So by technological terms, the iPad mini 2 is probably the best tablet in the market right now. iPad Mini 2 Features: The iPad mini actually has two cameras like its predecessor. One each in the back and the front. The FaceTime HD camera is like always a great experience while chatting over a video call. In the mini 2, it has been equipped with a ‘backside illumination sensor’ which lights up the conversations even when you are in a low-light surrounding. The 5 megapixel iSight camera on the mini has a BSI sensor, hybrid IR filter and F 2.4 aperture with auto-focus. You can even shoot a 1080p HD video with it. The Retina Display acts as an easy view-finder every time you use it to take the perfect picture. The prolonged battery life is also a great improvement in the iPad mini 2. It can work at its best for 10 hours before you will need to recharge it again. So although the iPad mini 2 is much more expensive than the other tablets in town, the retina display experience couple with the fastest technology at hand is worth those extra bucks.

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