iPhone- Reclaiming market share again but sales still not impressive

iPhone- Reclaiming market share again but sales still not impressive


Jan 18, 2014
iPhone- Reclaiming market share again Latest gadgets from the kitty of Apple, iPhones 5c and 5s are gaining a lot of popularity but entirely for different reasons. Recently, the company lost a lot of market share in the months of July and August in the year passed by. The market share of Apple across the board has escalated in the last 3 months with only Spain as an exception in the list of countries listed as part of the report. The total sales share in the market of iPhone has reduced since the last year’s 3-month window.

Reclaimed the lost market!

In some of the major markets of the world, presently it accounts for almost 43.1% in the US market which has reduced from last three month’s figures recorded at 53%. 17% market share has been captured by iOS in China, a fast developing economy in the world, though this figure is about 1.5% less from year to year. The same statistics are seen in many other regions like Western Europe, Australia, etc. The only country that is reflecting a positive growth in Apple’s market share is Japan which is still looking forward to owning a high end Apple iPhone. In this country, Apple has reclaimed a share of 69.1 percent in the country’s smartphone segment.

Tough competition

Though the sale of iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c are going strong but overwhelming performances from Sony, Nokia and LG, challenges are increasing for Apple. The smartphones mentioned above come equipped with a lot of compelling features that make a tough competition for Apple iPhone. Though, different set of customers buy iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s, both set of customers are truly satisfied with these products. Many people are of a view that by launching a plastic, low cost iPhone, Apple is playing a big gamble of hampering the satisfaction levels of consumers that have been high so far. According to the latest facts and figures achieved from the US, the avg owner recommendations for iPhone 5c have been 9/10 in comparison to 9.1/10 for iPhone 5s. The advantages gained by iOS have been attained at Android’s expense with Blackberry’s market share declining on a continuous basis. In spite of earning reasonable gains in the last year, Windows phone has also been witnessing difficult times. On one hand, Microsoft OS is boasting about doubling of sale shares across Western Europe in the past one year, on the other hand, the market share of its sales, for last 3 months have either stagnated or reduced. Spain, Italy and France are the only exception to this scenario and trends perceived in Apple iPhone’s sales. The sales market for iPhone in the US dwindles between 4.6 to 4.8% for the last 3 months. In the same time span, the sales percentage has dwindled between 9.8-10.2%, in Western European regions. These figures reflect a change in the scenario where iPhone is again reclaiming its market share but the sales are not too impressive year after year.

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