Apple watch smartwatch

Apple watch smartwatch


Nov 17, 2014
apple watch smartwatch With the world becoming more and more techno-savvy day by day, large technological companies are launching several gadgets from time to time. The modern day generation is driven crazy waiting for the launch of newer versions of gadgets like smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart watches, etc… From a range of brands like Sony, Nokia, Samsung, etc… Apple has created a niche for itself. Apple has not only succeeded in i-Phone range, but has alarmed its target audience by launching its Smartwatch as well. Do you want a new look at timekeeping?  Apple makes it so much more than just watch.And that is possible with its all new Apple smart watch. What is smart watch? A smartwatch (or smart watch) is a computerized wristwatch with functionality that is enhanced beyond timekeeping. Like other computers, a smartwatch may collect information from internal or external sensors. Apple smartwatches are equipped in running mobile apps as well in the best way. Some smartwatches models, also called watch phones, feature full mobile phone capability, and can make or answer phone calls. Apple smartwatch enhance the experience to a great level. Where watches were merely used to check time, today these smartwatches can perform and function more than what one can really expect. Rather than simply gazing the watch for knowing the time, hours, minutes, seconds, etc… Apple smart watch simply takes the conversation with the watch to an entirely newer platter. This smartwatch possesses digital touch. Hence it does not require any word command to understand and perform. The digital touch experience gives an altogether fun and spontaneous way of enjoying it. One can easily use it as desired. Moreover, the smartwatch enables other Apple watch wearers to connect with one another. With this smartwatch, one can definitely be punctual and on time as per schedule. Working with iPhone, Apple Watch continually checks against the definitive global time standard with the same precision found in GPS satellites.  On getting switched from one time zone to another, Apple smart watch gets automatically adjusted to the same. One can check and respond to calls, messages and other notifications without any hassle. Apple Watch is highly advanced sports watch which can be worn all time. The smartwatch is an ideal fit for health and fitness as well. It uses an accelerometer to measure total body movement. It has a custom sensor that can measure intensity by tracking heart rate of the user. Apart from heart rate as well, this smart watch can do several things at the same time as well. While performing cardio workout exercises, the user can wear this smart watch. The inbuilt workout app in Apple smart watch works greatly for cardio workout. It shows real-time stats such as time, distance, calories, and pace. Apple Watch uses the GPS and Wi‑Fi by getting connected to iPhone. It helps in measuring the distance while performing activities like cycling, treadmill, etc… during which manual timing cannot be taken care of. The smartwatch records steps taken, calories burnt, etc… while performing physical activities. The Apple Watch accelerometer measures total body activity, counts your steps, and helps calculate your calories burned throughout the day.  Moreover it enables users to plan their workout in the most ideal way. It encourages the user to beat his or her goals as well. Lastly, with fitness tracking app, the user can check his or her progress from time to time as well.  

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