Samsung’s new Wi-Fi technology will download a movie in 3 seconds

Samsung’s new Wi-Fi technology will download a movie in 3 seconds


Oct 15, 2014
Samsung's high speed WI-FI technology Samsung has announced plans to set new standards for Wi-Fi devices that allow downloading a full-length movie in just 3 seconds. That is something. It means the Wi-Fi network’s data transmission speeds will reach 575 Mbps, a big leap that is almost 5 times faster than the current internet speed standards in use today. If you have followed the Wi-Fi standards, you might be aware that the WirelessHD and WiGig standards group have been improving on the 60GHz frequency signal. Samsung has in their press release informed that they have overcome the barriers with modern technologies (beam antenna) that reduces interference and sends focused signal to improve data transfer between devices. Unlike the current 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi technologies, the Samsung’s 60GHz Wi-Fi technology maintains speed by eliminating co-channel interference irrespective of the number of devices in the network. Kim Chang Yong, Head of DMC R&D Center of Samsung Electronics said, “Samsung has successfully overcome the barriers to the commercialization of 60GHz millimeter-wave band Wi-Fi technology, and looks forward to commercializing this breakthrough technology”. The specified Wi-Fi technology data speed holds good for data transfer between internal devices; however the internet speed is regulated only by your cable provider. Analysts express that it may take some time for technology vendors to accommodate such high speeds in the whole Wi-Fi infrastructure network. Samsung has revealed plans that their future technology products will aid the Wi-Fi technology. Samsung’s Smart Home, smart phones, audio visual and medical devices are among the products that will benefit from this technology breakthrough. “The technology will also be integral to developments relevant to the Samsung Smart Home and other initiatives related to the Internet of Things”. The Head of Research and Development Center of Samsung Electronics Kim Chang Yong added, “New and innovative changes await Samsung’s next-generation devices, while new possibilities have been opened up for the future development of Wi-Fi technology”. Sources revealed that the commercialization of the 60GHz unlicensed band spectrum is expected as early as next year.

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