iPhone 6 Plus Hands-on

iPhone 6 Plus Hands-on


Sep 12, 2014
iPhone 6 Plus The most awaited phone, iPhone 6 Plus is all set to be launched this month as announced in a recent press event. The Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the phone with a large 5.5 inch screen amidst much anticipation. The Phone seems to have got all of it together, priced at $299 and is expected to give a run for all the phablets in the market. Apple has decided to come with large sized screen for their new iPhone, truth to the rumours we heard earlier. This 5.5 inch screen is the largest.

Apple has created that comes with host of improved features including:

  • SRGB – accurate
  • Ultrathin backlight
  • Photo-aligned IPS liquid crystals
  • Improved polarizer
  • Ion-strengthened glass and
  • 1080p Resolution
The iPhone 6 Plus comes with an even slimmer design with just 7.1 mm while its counterpart iPhone 6 is measured at 6.9mm. Though Apple has slimmed down its size, yet everything about the new iPhone is big. The aluminium and stainless steel covering with a smooth curve of polished glass on the edges proves Apple’s class in design. Moreover the optimized software (iOS8) provides more fluidity to navigate the iPhone with one hand. The iPhone 6 plus is loaded with the A8 new 64-bit processor, which is 13 percent smaller in size than its predecessor. Apple’s SVP, Phil Schiller, during the event mentioned that the A8 processors offered improved CPU performance upto 25 percent more and faster graphics as well. It offers up to 128 GB space that can easily store your favourite movie collection to watch it on the go. The other variants include 16 GB and 64 GB respectively. The battery power is long lasting offering upto 16 days of standby time, upto 14 hours of video playback and full 24 hour 3G talk time. If you are thinking about taking selfies, the 8-megapixel iSight camera with f/2.2 aperture lens similar to the one in 5s would just do that. The camera is improved with features that include phase-detecting auto focus, improved face detection, best shot modes and optical image stabilization for crisper shots. The camera is equipped with a sensor which makes it perfect for shooting selfie snaps. Pre-orders of the iPhone 6 plus model begin on September 12 and they are likely to be shipped from 19th. It costs $299, $399 and $499 for 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB respectively, with a usual two-year contract.

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