Waterproof 360-degree HD camera oculus rift

Waterproof 360-degree HD camera oculus rift


Jun 6, 2014

Waterproof 360-degree HD camera oculus-rift

Facebook-owned tools like Oculus Rift make it extremely easy to switch to imagery, panoramic video and mainstream. It is even being counted in the list of necessary perspectives instead of some casual visual curiosity.

360 Cam is the panoramic video camera is the new kick starter to back this feature.


It is created by the France-based Giroptic. This little device will very much make you remember of the roof-mounted cameras usually witnessed on Street View cars of Google. But, the targeted audience for this product is the class of average users and not the larger corporations.

Design and Features:

It is designed in an egg-like shell with black and blue plastic. It allows you to capture the HD images and videos in 360 degree. All this is done along with the device delivering its current status via LED display on its surface. The display indicated the current mode of the camera (Burst, Video Live, Photo, and Time Lapse) and also the countdown time during the timed photos. The 360×150 vertical views giving an approach to a wider field cover almost the entire sphere. Apart from this, gyroscope has also been provided for the stabilization of the image. The pair of content is well combined with the VR headset of Oculus Rift.

Owners of the Oculus can see the live panoramic video with the help of 360 Cam’s video player of Oculus Rift. This 360 Cam being water proof, offers the potential trips beneath the surface for the very first time. To improve the visual clarity of the shots being taken under the water, a unique set of goggles is been provided with this device for its lenses.

Free iOS and Android app is provided with this device which will allow you to control the photos of 360 Cam remotely. Apart from controlling the photos, you can also have the power to manipulate gyroscopic settings, videos, GPS giving the ability of viewfinder to your smart phone.

It also brags three other embedded microphones, namely, rechargeable lithium ion battery which maintains almost one hour of video shooting comprising 25 frames per second, SD Card slot of up to 64 GB and port for Micro USB charging.


This camera is also usable to be served for surveillance purposes with its adapter flexibility that allows the connection of the device to even a regular socket of a light bulb. This means with the help of the 360 Cam, you can keep an eye on any room in which you have installed it.

360 Cam blew past its target of $150,000 by making up to $180,000 with just the 43 days of remaining crowd funding.

It is surely a larger step towards the realms of technology!

Frequently Asked Questions?

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