A guide for buying a DSLR camera Lenses

A guide for buying a DSLR camera Lenses


Apr 17, 2014

buying a DSLR lens

Majority of us love to click and get clicked by others. We believe in capturing moments in the form of photographs and videos. Time passes by but the memories can be cherished by taking a glance of the images that have been captured by the best of the lenses of all times. Photography is not only about just clicking the button and capturing the moment. It is indeed much more about the type of camera and lens that we have chosen for doing photography. Since the time of Digital SLR camera is in trend, people can choose a wide range of camera lens for better quality imaging. However, before finalizing upon the lens it is essential to follow some points that will help in choosing the right one. Before buying a DSLR camera Lenses follow the Key Points for choosing a right Lens: New users or beginners might find it difficult to understand the technicalities of choosing the right lens for one’s camera. The manufacture’s website might also sound like a jargon or a missile that will just cross above our head. Hence, this article will give enable and ease in understanding about the key criteria. 1. First the name of the camera lens comprises of a long list of number and letters which is difficult to memorize at first go.   It might sound to be confusing for a beginner. We should understand the key terms with respect to the lens namely Focal length, Aperture, Image stabilization, format and lens mount.
  • The Focal Length is referred to the viewing angle of lens.
  • The Aperture refers to amount of light gathered by the lens.
  • Image stabilization removes the blurry effect that appears after the photo is clicked along with the shook of the hand.
  • Format defines the size of the sensor which decides the lens.
  • Lens mount decides the physical fitment of lens or not.
2) The user should check out the type of lens that he or she is looking for. There are different types of lens namely, Standard Zoom, Telephoto Zoom, Super Zoom, Wide-angle Zoom, Macro lens, Fast Prime Lens and pancake lenses. Each type has its own set of advantages and specialties. The user should understand it in detail and then select the appropriate lens. 3) Autofocus impacts the focusing performance of the lens especially with respect to speed and noise. The different types of autofocus are ultrasonic type, linear stepper, micromotor and screw drive. For example: Canon utilizes ultrasonic motor for autofocus, Sony is using supersonic wave motor, etc… It is essential to check out the lens before making the final decision. Since the lens involves a lot of cost and time it is essential to take the decision after a deep thought. It is not about flaunting the lens. It is all about understanding the lens and the camera for photography. Appropriate usage of lens and camera features help in clicking the best quality imaging experience. With a wide variety of lens and camera to choose from, the users should not hesitate in checking out the other options in market.

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