Toshiba Satellite C 50 – A I001B: Bringing the stylish and elegant

Toshiba Satellite C 50 – A I001B: Bringing the stylish and elegant


Mar 17, 2014
Toshiba Satellite C 50 – A I001B

Toshiba Satellite:

Toshiba has launched its stylish, elegant, most sought after and on the move laptops under the name of Toshiba Satellite. The Satellite series by Toshiba comprises of Ultra books as well as Laptops since 2012. The initial versions in Toshiba Satellite have become obsolete with time. But today, Toshiba is coming up with the finest and super tech series of their Laptops that are equipped with the latest technological offerings. Toshiba believes in offering unique and best featured products in affordable price bracket. The Toshiba Satellite series laptops are small in size and sleek in dimension. The recent offering by Toshiba Satellite is under its C series C 50 – A I001B. The Toshiba C 50 Laptop is best described as a budget friendly, efficient performance and a social Laptop for everyone.

About Toshiba Satellite C 50 – A I001B:

The C50 laptop is stylish and elegant in visual appeal. The design and display of C 50 makes it look as a highly priced Laptop. Toshiba truly believes in high quality for low price. The Toshiba C 50 is a value for money product. This laptop allows the user to do anything and everything. It is fully equipped with the latest features and technical specifications. Let us understand about C50 in much detail. 1. A cool display for all: With a screen size of 15.6 inch and a dimension of 380 x 242 x 33.32 mm, Toshiba C 50 makes it easy for the user to carry it with great ease and flaunt it at right time. The weight of C50 is 2.38 Kg which is quite light in comparison with the other Laptops. 2. Panels: The C 50 Toshiba laptop is equipped with an HD Clear SuperView LED Backlit. It gives a great viewing experience for the user. The maximum display resolution in C50 is 1366 x 768. The back-lit in keyboard facilitates in working even in dark. 3. Processor: C50 does not work with any Operating System. It has no OS in it. The laptop has an Intel Core processor i3 -3110M. With a speed of 2.4 GHz and a cache memory of 3MB, the user finds it great in working on it. 4. Hard Disc Drive: The device is equipped with an in-built hard disc drive of 500 GB. The speed rate is 5400 RPM. Along with this there is an in –built Slim 8x DVD Super Multi Drive. 5. Memory: The random access memory (RAM) of 2GB which can be extended upto 16 GB. The speed of RAM is 1600 MHz. 6. Connectivity: The device is high on connectivity options. It is equipped with two USB 2.0 Ports, One USB 3.0 port, Bluetooth 4.0, in – built camera, microphone and a digital media reader i.e. SD and MMC. 7. Networking: There is one Ethernet port in Toshiba Satellite C 50. Internet can be accessed via WI-FI 802.11b/g/n. 8. Sound: The sound feature of Toshiba C50 is marvelous. With a 15.6 inches screen and High definition Audio system, the user gets the best viewing and listening experience. The speakers are in-built which gives a real sound effect to the user. 9. Battery: The Toshiba C50 has a Li-on Battery of 6 cells.

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