Toshiba Satellite W30T Review

Toshiba Satellite W30T Review


Feb 10, 2014
Toshiba Satellite W30T review Toshiba, the Japanese company, has launched its Satellite W30t model in the affordable collection of the hybrid market. It doubles up as, a laptop and a tablet, which means; you can detach the monitor and carry it around on the run! You can buy the Satellite W30t model for £630, or the Satellite W30t-A-100model,for just £550. The Satellite W30t model is available in Europe for 700 euro. The screen resolution normally is an assurance of quality. Therefore, it includes a 13.3” HD IPS panel with 1,366 x 768 pixel screen resolution.The touch screen has wide viewing angle and supports ten-finger contact ─ to glance through open windows. In terms of performance and power, W30t is driven by Intel, Dual-core Y processors. W30 A-100 has AMD Dual core processors. This implies swift boot up (when it is turned ON), a responsive user experience, and fast data transmission speed. The USB 3.0 port aids faster transmission of data.The screen supports micro-USB port and micro-HDMI port to view streaming content on HD TV, when the screen is detached from the keyboard. You can have all this with extremely low battery power usage and noise. Toshiba Satellite 2in1 laptop Users can experience high quality media as it has great stereo speakers (adjusted by DTS® Studio Sound™) and microphones. Its volume can be leveled, along with the bass response. No guesses!Video calling experience is apparently cool with these specifications added to a HD webcam.What’s more? Sleep-and-charge feature enables the W30t laptop charging, even when it is switched OFF. Inspite of all these features, the Lenovo Yoga 11S (priced at £550) and Asus Transformer Book T100 (priced at £330), significantly can influence buyer decisions in the hybrid market. Not because they are cheaper?Let’s take a look. Firstly, Lenovo Yoga 11S and Asus Transformer Book T100 also have the same resolution.Secondly, W30t weighs 2.1 kg, and screen weighs 1.05 kg ─ uncomfortable to be used as a tablet. Thirdly, when used as a laptop, the machine is off-balance; the keyboard isn’t even better than its rival.The screen in W30t covers,just 60 percent of the sRGB range. Last but not the least, in comparison to technical specifications vs. price ─ the sleek Lenovo Yoga 11S seems like a better option. This model is lighter and spec-wise also, a much better investment, than the W30t models.

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