The Week In Drones Dragon Boats, Graffiti Art, And More

The Week In Drones Dragon Boats, Graffiti Art, And More


Aug 8, 2014
The Week In Drones Dragon Boats, Graffiti Art, And More

An overview: Drone

Ever since technology has shifted towards an automated response system; we come across several novel inventions on day to day basis. Drone is one of them. Drones have made their special place of featuring in headlines from time to time. But do we exactly know what drone is? Let us understand drones in greater detail. Drone is technically known as unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) which is also sometimes referred as remotely piloted aircraft (RPA). Drones are governed under the authority of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). They are renowned for their unique property of being operated without any human effort. It means that the entire controlling of this aircraft is either done separately by on board computers or with the help of remote control of grounds pilot.

Recent news: The Week in drones

Drones have been in news a month back for its real and unbelievable inventions. Right from military missions, commercial initiatives, non – profitable motives and recreational applications, drones or unmanned aircraft are aggressively being used.

Drones: Entrant in Old Battlefield

From quite some time, the political relationships between Afghanistan and United States of America have become a serious havoc for both of them. With this never ending war like situation, United States of America has recently introduced a novel unmanned ally. This unmanned ally is none other than Blackjack Drones. The marine corps of United States of America have recently deployed in five novels RQ – 21 Blackjack drones in Afghanistan. Blackjack is a successor to ScanEagle that was an earlier drone. Blackjack has recently evolved after improvising upon ScanEagle. This new drone is loaded with longer wingspan. It is capable of carrying larger and heavier communications relays or camera. This initiative by America would aid the marine corps of learning about the response of drone in practical scenario.

Guarding Ports

Arabian Business has revealed about the launch of two drones that would be flying up security cameras just above four ports in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.  Both of these security drone cameras are equipped with GPS auto pilot system that are completely integrated. The GPS comprises of features namely, altitude lock, stable hovering and position holding. The high end camera is capable of capturing full HD video 1080p at 30 frames per second along with 14 megapixel still pictures. The camera has its own WI-FI network with which the data transferring can happen very conveniently. Drones are independent and intelligently developed to provide enormous law and security enforcement.

Canvas: Spray Painting

No one could have ever thought of the creative implementation of drone in spray paintings. Graffiti artist ‘Katus’ has discovered an innovative way out. He attached spray can with a drone. This operates in a way that no manual functioning is required. With the help of rotors in drone, a wind pressure would get developed. This wind pressure would blow on this aerosol spray, present in the can. However, the exact mechanism is under development. Hence it is expected to bring in a great scope for art lovers.

Frequently Asked Questions?

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