A waterproof Interchangeable lens Camera

A waterproof Interchangeable lens Camera


Jun 13, 2014
0A waterproof Interchangeable lens Camera Swim, drown or drench! One technology redefinition that gives you the leverage to withstand all these elements against your very own camera is with Nikon 1 AW1. With the latest technology being revamped, recently developed features offer flexibility and convenience factors under all odds and so, has become the main motive of all the leading brands. Photographers generally have two basic options while shooting underwater. Either double the size of the D-SLR with the help of an expensive housing incorporated with the submersible feature or go for a proper point-and-shoot feature which is waterproof to capture the best quality of image. Nikon 1 AW1 is one of the popular interchangeable-lens cameras which is mirror free. Ideally suited to high quality images worth the D-SLR quality, it mitigated the delicate parts in motion of D-SLR by itself. Engineers can easily ruggedize and opt for the camera seal option with its compact internal feature without putting in too much of bulk.

Zooms Internally:

Components that are stacked with the small crevices open up when a lens is focused to zoom. A sealed barrel is used to enclose the complete lens of the AW1. All the parts, both internal and external, remain protected even after the camera zooming up to 27.5 mm.

Watertight Mount:

The lens which is mounted on AW1 is elevated to a range of about 6 mm from above of the body of the camera. The lenses then slip over it and gets into the groove that is present in the housing. If there is any gap between these two pieces, them it is filled by the filling of greased rubber ring which is in the shape of an O.

Underwater Flash:

The flash of AW1 with pop up can easily illuminate at a range of around 16 ft of the seawater, far ahead from the diver. This is possible because of a bulb that is attached to the two- joined hinge being firmly sealed.

Secure Doors:

Designers have added a mechanism in order to protect the compartments of the battery and the SD Card when underwater. This protection is achieved through the proposed mechanism of two-button locking system. Apart from this, this, in order to ensure the flawless protection, doors for the SD card and the compartments of the battery are separately lined with the gaskets of a rubber material.

 Protective Case:

In case of any mishap like dropping of the camera, it still remains protected. The extensive covering of the housing is a combination of the polycarbonate and stainless steel. This setting along with protecting camera also takes care of the LCD screen. It is water resistant up to 49 ft with a drop resistance of 6.5 ft. With a price range of $800 per lens, this camera is suitable to operate in the lowest temperature of 14 degrees.    

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