Solar powered portfolio for your tablet and charges it too

Solar powered portfolio for your tablet and charges it too


Dec 24, 2013
Solar powered portfolio for tablet Today, most of the corporates are on the run and it is very uncomfortable to carry a tablet, a notebook and a charger for them. Managing three things specially when a there are so many other things to look into, is a problem. The Solar powered portfolio is one latest technology which can hold your tablet and charge it whenever required. It is a three in one gadget which has a tablet holder, a charger and can be used similar to a notebook, something to write on. The binder has much more than just charging. The power is supplied with a Li-ion battery which gets charged when it faces the sun. This panel has the capability to charge in very low light or low sun. The Solar powered portfolio has easy and adjustable grips and the tablet can be moved horizontally and vertically to watch videos and slides during a presentation in an office or a video at home. A single button can start the charging for the device. The gadget has two ports and multiple other devices can also be charged using them. Like all Smartphone’s and tablet, the portfolio has a stylus for easy pointing, and a charging cord to charge the battery. Underneath the battery, a holder is provided that can keep important papers handy and easy to find later. Features:-
  • Storage
  • Look
  • Charging
  • Save energy
  • Large solar panel
Can charge many devices The solar powered portfolio has proved to be a great accessory and a gadget that is actually handy and can be used easily. It is most comfortable in watching videos. The battery of the binder has a great capacity of 5300mAh which can also charge a Smartphone. The solar panel is very convenient and allows other devices to charge with its remaining energy. The solar powered portfolio is definitely an innovation in technology and can be a good choice for corporate who depend on the tablets for their employees or people who always need to be powered up and cannot afford losing battery. Solar powered portfolio is a good option for students who want to charge their tablets frequently and need the paper notebook along with it. They can use the solar powered portfolio full day without searching the power outlet and charge whenever and wherever they want. The cost of the solar powered portfolio starts from $149 and can range higher as per the flash memory functions. The gadget has definitely some style and is a must have gadget for all students, corporate and people cannot afford to lose the battery and can charge the tablet anywhere. A real innovation with the go green concept.

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