10 Best DIY Gadgets of 2013

10 Best DIY Gadgets of 2013


Dec 26, 2013
DIY Gadgets are the ‘Do It Yourself’ Gadgets that can be built and constructed on your own. Today you get kits of the DIY Gadgets everywhere, which gives children and adults a great satisfaction of constructing something themselves. Here we look at the Best DIY Gadgets of the year.
  1. Battery with coinsbattery-4The DIY kit helps the children to make a battery with the spare coins from your pocket money. A few pennies can make a calculator work or can light a bulb.
  2. Raspberry Pi Rex  Raspberry-Pi-Rex-This Gadget is made for the people who have dogs and are tired of getting up every time to open the front door for their dogs. The gadget is called as the Pi-Rex and is activated by the barking voice. It is a bark activated zone. It is not a voice activated gadget but a bark activated door.
  3. Solar Night Lamp nokero-solar-bulbThe DIY Gadget helps to construct a lamp for your home which can be used as an emergency light or can be used for children to study at night. It is an excellent opportunity to learn some more about science.
  4. Stand Alone Monitor Stand alone monitor from laptop An old laptop screen can do many things for you. You can turn it into stand alone monitor. It increases the work efficiency if there are two monitors. Also you can use your old monitor by making it a stand alone monitor.
  5. Rechargeable flash light 4936988_f520 DIY Gadgets are easily available in the stores, but rather if you can use something you have at home. Things can be recycled and used again by constructing something useful. Similarly a travel phone charger can be made as a flash light.
  6.  Water Battery waterbattery The DIY Gadget Kit shows us some easy steps to assemble a battery which is made from water. This experiment can be a playful way learning method for kids and can add some charge to your phone.
  7. Solar powered light for your bicycle                                                                                                                                                                                          bike_light_front  An empty can can be used for building the solar power light that kids can use for their bicycle light. The steps are well explained in the DIY Gadget Kit.  The technique used is simple and can be made again by recycling old products at a very cheap price.
  8. Bicycle power generator Bicycle power generator It is a great DIY project by making your own bicycle powered generator. This generator can charge your electronics and can be used as an emergency power supply for you every day.
  9. Bluetooth Speaker         Bluetooth speaker   This DIY Gadget can transform your old antique piece of radio into a Bluetooth speaker. This can be a cool idea to use an old piece again. This Bluetooth speaker can be paired with your phone or your iPod and can play tunes wherever you carry it.
  10. Smartphone ChargerCamp Stove smartphone charger This charger can be charged by a source of energy like a camp stove and can be used to charge your Smartphone, a small fan or an LED bulb.
Though gadgets play an important role in our lives, we cannot ignore them for a second. We all are surrounded by gadgets and cannot imagine a minute without them. Be it a Smartphone, a charger or a game console. But the ‘Do It Yourself’ Gadgets are as important as the ready ones. These small DIY kits can build our small kids into tomorrow’s genius.

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