World’s Cheapest Tab in UK for 30£

World’s Cheapest Tab in UK for 30£


Dec 24, 2013
World’s Cheapest Tab in UK for 30 Pounds The world’s cheapest Tab UbiSlate 7Ci is launched head-on before Christmas by Datawind in UK. Datawind is declared as UK’s most innovative company. Its chief executive Suneet Singh Tuli said, ‘With recent ONS figures showing that in the UK, 29 per cent of the poorest households have no computer and 36 per cent no internet, we’re working to bring affordable technology to the hundreds of thousands of households excluded from the digital revolution’. It costs as low as £29.99. In India, it is available for Rs.3700 and above.  The UbiSlate 7Ci is based on an Indian tablet Aakash 2, which was mainly designed in partnership with the Indian government for educational universities and students to provide the world’s cheapest touch-screen tablet. The first version was not very popular, but the second version was well-received by critics, as well. UbiSlate is available in three versions: UbiSlate 7Ci, UbiSlate 7C+EDGE, UbiSlate7Cz. All the three versions have an inbuilt camera. They hold charge for around 2.5 hours to 3 hours. UbiSlate7Ci and UbiSlate 7C+EDGE have front VGA camera and UbiSlate7Cz has both front and back, 2 mega-pixel (MP) camera.  This tablet contains a 7-inch wide screen, full-sized USB port along with a microSD card slot, 512MB RAM,  Cortex A8 1GHz processor, and 4 GB storage capacity — expansible up to 32 GB. It comes with built-in games, education apps on the 2011 Android Ice Cream Sandwich software platform with WIFI and GPRS connectivity. It supports the use of other 3G modems, dongles, pen drives, external keyboards and web-cameras via the full-sized USB port. The UbiSurfer browser, which is based on 18 international patents, accelerates web pages by factors of 10x to 30x, which allows speedy and superior web experience. You can consider the following features of the tablet before you make a purchase:
  • Internet access is available anytime and anywhere
  • Flexibility to access internet via GPRS or WiFi. The GPRS connection uses the inbuilt modem allows fast web access by using international patent technology. While the WiFi connection at hotspots allows fast-streaming high-quality videos
  • Social networking sites: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Space and much more!
  • High Quality Video Streaming & HD Quality Video Playback
  • Over 150,000 Free Apps: games, Office suite, and other educational software
  • Supports expandable memory upto 32 GB using extra card slot
  • Use of external storage devices, such as pen-drives
  • Full-sized USB port to plug-in 3G dongles
  • Stay connected through voice calls
This product aims is to provide internet-access to low-budget consumers, such as college students. Evidently, consumers comparing this tablet with expensive tablets will make them disappointed. You can book and order the tab online via three payment modes: online, prepay order, or COD.

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