The sneaky way automakers are getting us accepted self-driven cars

The sneaky way automakers are getting us accepted self-driven cars


Jun 7, 2014
The sneaky way automakers are getting us accepted self-driven cars Driving is one of the most passionate things to do on this Earth. It gives a great sense of adventure and freedom for one who drives. Where some people are passionate about driving, on the other hand there are people who consider this thing a work of boredom and worry. Today, technology has gone beyond our imaginations. Where we just imagine a glimpse of it, technology immediately comes with the fuller version. Similarly people also aspired for cars that could drive on their own. Today, we can really find cars that can be autonomously driven without the help or support of any driver. With Google’s self driven car concept, the world has indeed gone crazy about it. The recent launch of “Driverless technology” car has indeed swayed the world greatly. With no hassles of coordinating between gear, brake and clutch, people are really overwhelmed and excited to go in for these concept cars. Automatic braking is a great boon for people finding hassles in placing break at an appropriate time. The recent biggies in automobile industry have come up with the concept of several autonomous technologies that facilitate the smooth functioning of self driven cars. In the recent years several automobile giants have come up with self driven cars. Several autonomous technologies namely lane keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, pedestrian recognition, parking assistance, identification via sensor, etc. have brought in a radical change and innovation in the stream of self driving cars. These features have contributed drastically in bringing a great change and shift towards self driving cars. Google debuted world’s first no steering car which promoted the concept of driverless car greatly. This recent production by Google has been termed as a “moonshot” approach. There is no steering and pedals in the car. It senses every activity on road on its own. With a sharp intelligence system, the car can sense any hassles, signals, etc. within a very less period of time. Google has indeed set a great benchmark or a platform in coming up with its best innovation in automobile segment till date. The world is waiting to see its official launch in their local streets. Autobraking is gradually getting introduced in almost every premium segment cars. Currently the testing of autobraking is being run by automobile giants namely Hyundai, Toyota, BMW, Cadillac, Lexus and Mercedes Benz. Though the concepts in automobile segment are improvising greatly, yet people are finding positive changes in the newer versions of the cars. Where people are not able to believe upon a car without wheels, it has proved by launching one recently. Google is trying its best to convince people to accept the concept of a no steering car. By launching its prototype for public testing and usage, Google is striving hard to make people accept and feel this innovative change. The experience of driving has indeed changed drastically. With newer versions, automobile companies are making people accept this driverless or Self Driven concept of driving.

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