Dance in your car with google’s new app for self driving car!

Dance in your car with google’s new app for self driving car!


Dec 10, 2013
Google Apps make you dance in your car! google self driving car News regarding Google entering into partnership talks with automobile companies for searching possibilities of designing google app for self driving cars and their launch is making rounds in the technology sector. This news has gained a lot of popularity as if this happens, it will be a great leap in the field of automobile technology. This news has been resourced from a reporter from The Wall Street Journal and as such it holds a lot of credibility. As per this news, Google has spoken to Continental AG and Magna International so far. Both of these companies are known to be largest suppliers of auto parts in the world. The talks revolved around designing of self driven cars with Google acting as a design arm. Another popular German newspaper has confirmed this news. The paper has further stated that a deal may reach its final stage with Continental. A fleet of “robo taxix” is being considered by Google. Right now, there is no clarity about Google will operate this fleet on its own or a third party will be involved in this venture. Earlier, talks regarding this project were on with many other prominent automobile manufacturers and big names in the sector but a deal was not finalised. Thus, Google started looking for other avenues and possibilities. So far the data gathered by Lexus and Prius self driving cars from Google indicates smooth and safe drive while handling steering manoeuvres on their own in comparison to human beings taking the wheel. This project is quite ambitious and it will have far reaching implications. In a Robotics Conference held in California, some amazing results were shared with the attendees regarding Google vehicles that logged several thousands of miles in Nevada and California. It was seen that when a human being drove these cars, the brake and accelerator were used sharply in comparison to times when the cars piloted themselves. The software of the car was better when safe distance needed to be maintained from a vehicle moving ahead in comparison to human drivers. Google analysts showed that in comparison to trained and professional drivers, these self driven cars run smoother and safer. A lot is being said about the autonomous capabilities of these cars. An autonomous dashboard has also been developed that helps human drivers to understand what is happening with the car and how it is skilfully handling the traffic while driving safely. There are indications through the dashboard display indicating when the human beings should need to take over the vehicle to ensure safety. Right now the project is under development phase and a lot needs to be done before this car is launched on the roads. A lot of ways are being thought about to bring this dream into reality.

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