Welcoming The Driverless Technology- No more driving at your own risk!

Welcoming The Driverless Technology- No more driving at your own risk!


Feb 10, 2014
Driver less technology About Driverless technology: The advent of the driverless technology is soon going to bring a drastic revolution in the automobile industry. Google’s patented driverless technology offers the facility of driving the car without the help of a driver. Many of us must have wished for such a technology sometime in their past. Now, soon this technology is going to convert in reality. The functioning of this technology is totally depended upon artificial intelligence. The software of artificial intelligence is installed in the car. It will trace the other objects near to the car and take decisions as done by the human driver. The sensors in the car will help in doing so. The demand of driverless technology will indeed shoot up in the United States of America. The driverless technology is also known as vehicle to vehicle or V2V technology. This technology holds a key position in this. The V2V technology enables the car to communicate with the other objects nearby and maintain the safety levels by controlling the position and speed of the car. The car is so intelligently monitored by this software that even if any car or any other vehicle does not indicate any change then also the V2V technology will get alerted. The vehicles exchange their messages with the help of a wireless signals by short range radio network. The whole process totally works on the wireless signals. The US government is seriously going to implement the driverless technology with the hope of seeing a reduction in the deaths due to vehicle accident. The US government has recently announced for the soon launch of the driverless technology. Need of Driver less technology: The issue of road accidents is one of the most critical things to look after. Due to rash driving and other reasons, the human drivers tend to do accident or get hit by accidents. Despite of air bags and safety belts there is no reduction in road deaths. But now V2V technology is invented with the hope of curbing this. US industry has always been a leader in the segment of Global Automotive Industry. US is looking towards implementing it soon as it will help the people in reaching their destination safely. Cisco, Tesla Motors and Google are striving hard to launch this technology soon in the market. Cisco is working for the wireless system in the vehicle to vehicle technology and Tesla and Google will indulge in self – driving. The researchers have been striving really hard since last one decade to launch the driverless technology. Around 3000 vehicles have been working on pilot for testing the driverless or V2V technology. The technology will be live before January 2017, as informed by the Federal Officials in transportation. The officials involved in this technology are looking towards curbing road deaths. Since the whole system will be automatic, there will be hardly any chance of meeting with accident. Apart from small and mid-sized vehicles, the driverless or V2V technology will also be launched for heavy vehicles like trucks, buses, etc… This technology is forecasted to be a boon for the trucks. The trucks that are enabled with V2V technology will ensure fuel efficiency by 12% to 20%. Also, the trucks will not stop for any breaks and it will ensure reaching on time.

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