The Simple Laptop Buying Guide For You

The Simple Laptop Buying Guide For You


Oct 6, 2014
The Simple Laptop Buying Guide For You Smartphones and tablets may be handy devices, but a laptop is always the best option when it comes to getting some actual work done. Laptops come with multiple benefits that help you work smarter in today’s world. Buying a laptop may sometimes be a tedious decision, one that gives you countless sleepless nights if you are not too careful. You should always have a proper buying strategy when it comes to laptops. You should always come across your preferred laptop through a process of elimination, which in turn is based on certain need based parameters. You should always be clear about your objectives with the laptop. In case you prefer a little of everything and plan on sharing the same with members of your family, you may want to check out affordable 15 inch laptops or more portable 11 and 13 inch laptops. For business purposes, you might want a screen with good resolution, a hardy keyboard, and effective design above all else. If gaming is your main activity, you should choose laptops with suitable features including a Core i7 processor, proper graphics, high resolution display screens and quality speakers. For creative tasks and functions, you may want to choose laptops that offer proper graphic and hardware support for tasks like editing, illustrations, and related activities. This entails going for laptops with high powered processors, high resolution screens, immaculate graphics, and an SSD (solid state drive). If the laptop will mainly be used by your children or as a second computer for occasional usage, you should definitely consider a low cost alternative or even a Chrome book. Portability is a major factor and this is best defined through the screen size. You can consider 11 to 12 inches as the best size in case you want the lightest possible machines for regular use. The 13 to 14 inch bracket is best as it is extremely usable and decently portable at the same time. This laptop category usually has an average weight between 3 to 4 pounds. 15 inch laptops are the best option for those who will not be travelling frequently and require high powered performance. 17 to 18 inch display screens are the finest option when people are looking for high powered gaming or superior performance. These machines are quite heavy and possess superior storage, graphics and processor power. It is better to have an idea about the kind of features you require. The keyboard and touchpad should be tested for comfort and usability. The keys should be decently spaced and should respond in an appropriate manner. The mouse buttons and touchpad should be smooth and hassle free to use. Laptop brands like Lenovo and Apple offer the best touch pads and keyboards. Keep an eye on the CPU, RAM, graphics card/chip, hard disk drive, display and resolution, DVD/BlueRay drive and battery life of course. You should choose the proper operating system from Mac, Apple, and Windows options based on your prevalent need and advice from experts. Any decent laptop should provide four hours of battery life at least and six hours is an ideal figure. Use these tips when buying your laptop and make the best choices for yourself.  

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