Impressive Lenovo N20P Chromebook

Impressive Lenovo N20P Chromebook


May 19, 2014
Impressive Lenovo N20P Chromebook An Overview: Lenovo N20P Chromebook: Lenovo has indeed risen as a star in emerging PC plus Leader continuing its legacy as largest PC maker globally. Starting from the scratch, Lenovo has strived hard to make its presence and niche in the segment of PCs and Laptops. Extending ahead from its already present flagship brands namely ThinkPad and IdeaPad, Lenovo has ventured as a Chromebook as well. After its worldwide success, Lenovo has announced first consumer Chromebook series featuring N20 and N20P. With a combination of massive technological features and stunning aesthetics, N20P has exceptionally made itself in news of every other tech portal. Vice President, Worldwide Marketing and Design, PC Group of Lenovo Mr. Dilip Bhatia said in a recent conference, “Our first consumer Chromebooks perfectly complements people’s changing mobile digital lifestyles. Equipped with thousands of apps, the N20 and N20p Chromebooks are also fast, secure and incredibly simple for anyone to use and manage. With touch and two unique modes on the N20p Chromebook, users are getting a great technology experience at a handsome price.” N20P Chromebook stands out to be an innovative and outstanding multimode design comprising of its biggest USP as Laptop and Stand ability. The consumer can easily utilize it as a Laptop and a singular Stand cum Tablet way. Technological Understanding: N20P Chromebook Currently Chromebook is very much in trend these days, due to its cheap and budget oriented image. Though N20P Chromebook is developed on the similar lines of Yoga 2 Pro and IdeaPad Flex 14 yet it stands out to be a pretty and versatile Tablet as well. N20P Chromebook is bundled with every feature that a person aspires in the series of affordable tablets cum laptops. With 11.6 inches screen, the user can find a great balance between viewing and portability. The laptop is a 10 point multi touch laptop with a resolution of 1366 x 768 touch screen. This enhances greater clarity and viewing experience to the user. With respect to storage, Chromebook N20P is well equipped with a 4 GB RAM and an internal storage of 16 GB which makes it quite a good storage laptop. Chromebook N20P measures at 11.6 x 8.34 x 0.7 inches and weighs at 3.1 pounds. With such a thin dimension, the laptop is indeed fit for today’s generation. Thin, slim and compact is the new cool in the market. As far as connectivity is concerned, Chromebook N20P can well connect via Bluetooth 4.02 and Wifi 802.11ac. The USB port enables the user to connect ones device for easy sharing and transferring of files, folders, etc…. With 1 MP Webcam user can experience live viewing clarity on Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk, etc… Chromebook N20P is very flexible when it comes to usage. The device can be easily folded in both the directions. Apart from this, the screen is detachable. Thus, it acts as a Tablet and facilitates ease in carrying it. The touch control of N20P Chromebook is explicitly quick and outstanding.

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