Review of Toshiba-Satellite C50-A I2012

Review of Toshiba-Satellite C50-A I2012


Mar 25, 2014
Review of Toshiba-Satellite C50 The Toshiba-Satellite C50-A I2012 has yet again made waves in the market by offering all the needed specifications as compared to the other laptops. The processor of this laptop is Intel Core i3-3110M with a speed of 2.4GHz. It has a cache of 3 MB. The RAM of this laptop of 4 GB and the type is DDR3 type. What makes this laptop even more wanted is its speed of 1600 MHz and is expandable upto 16 GB. With this expandable rate, this laptop is surely a promising name for the prospective buyers. The inbuilt HDD is 500 GB and the RPM speed of this laptop is 5400. IT also has an optical drive of 8X DVD super Multi drive. When we talk about the display features, the screen size of this laptop is 15.6 inches and the maximum display resolution (DPI) is 1366X768. The panel type is HD clear super view with the feature of LED back-lit making it easy to work even when in dark. This feature is mostly asked by most of the prospective laptop buyers. It has a high definition audio sound with built in speakers. Also the Toshiba Enhancement Speakers make its audio the best available in the market. In terms of connectivity, there is 1 USB 2,0 port and 1 UB 3.0 port. Also there is built in camera and a micro phone with a digital media reader. The dimensions of this laptop are 380X242X33.35 mm when we talk of the width, D and height and it weighs just 2.3 kg. It is a non OS system. It even has an HDMI port with a GPU memory of 2 GB. IT runs on a 6 cell battery with the battery type being the Li-Ion. With all these specifications, Toshiba satellite laptop is certainly a steal.

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