Apple Goes Green With The iPhone 6

Apple Goes Green With The iPhone 6


Sep 23, 2014
Apple goes green with the iPhone 6 IPhone is one of the biggest brands in the telephone industry and the recent debut one can expect is of iPhone 6. The phone is expected to launch in September 2014. Numerous rumors and news are making their ways to the market. The recent reports have said that the phone will be using the sapphire glass for the phone production which is scratch proof and flexible. The sapphire glass is said to be the hardest transparent glass that is produced at very high temperatures. The technology is used in making watch displays. The glass is made super thin and is very strong. The recent device from Apple uses the sapphire crystal in the Touch fingerprint ID and it also protects the phone’s camera. It has been predicted that the production of the iPhone has started using the sapphire glass in the Arizona plant of the company.  The video of the same was out on the internet where the user is seen stabbing the phone’s screen with the knife and the glass remains as it is. The future of the mobile phone technology can be predicted with the sapphire glass entering the market and there is high possibility of replacing the glass with the gorilla glass in the latest devices. The facility in Arizona is the solar facility and it is one of the efforts to make the go green plan of the company. It is one of the efforts of the company’s wide plan to green the act. Apple has been the leading company in controlling their own power supply and they are making the use of renewable energy that is generated from their own solar panels. The solar farms of the company that are located in North Carolina has been the example of the same and the company is looking forward to convert the data centers to clean energy. The company has taken care for its reputation and they are going out of the way to green their efforts. When the data centers will be generating clean energy, Apple will use the solar power to manufacture the robust sapphire screens for the iPhone 6 in their facility in Arizona. Apple is doing everything to reduce the carbon footprints and makes sure that they decarbonize the products. The power from the solar farms can make the customers realize that now their use of the phone will not add any carbon to the environment. They can be assured that they can confidently download the apps, have a video chat or download. Lisa Jackson, who is the leading lady behind the brand, says that the clients can use iPhone, iPad or Siri without having any effect on the climatic changes due to the carbon. The brand has taken care of that and has been successful in using cleaner energy. The company eyes solar to power the new devices like the iPhone 6 and are proud to take care of the problem by just not acknowledging it but doing something about it.    

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