Refined and cleaner search results in Google

Refined and cleaner search results in Google


Mar 25, 2014
Refined and cleaner search results in Google The Google users must have noticed certain changes with respect to search results and page effect while accessing Google. However, the change looked evident on few computers due to the installation of different operating systems. The reason behind this change is not due to any virus or malware effect, but Google is running a series of tests for trying out new things in its search engine. The Search Engine Results Page (SERP) of Google appears to feel and look different. The change is quite evident. Along with this the ads that are being posted simultaneously look quite highlighted and noticeable in comparison to the previous SERPs look. Every now and then, Google is seen experimenting with its products. They keep rolling out eye catchy and novel distinguishing features which attracts the masses towards it. Google has come up with a broad re-designing in its Search Engine Results Page (SERP). The targeted ads of Google Ad-words can now be identified with great ease. The advertisements on Google Page look more prominent after they have eliminated the pink color shading behind every advertisement. A small yellow box is used to denote ads. Amit Singhal, Google’s senior Vice President of Search revealed about the changes that, “It’s cleaner and simpler, optimized for touch, with results clustered on cards so you can focus on the answers you’re looking for.” He also added that, “We are always testing things. We need to experiment to improve the product. Rest assured there’s a team of PhD’s gathering every piece of data we can about our experiments and if it doesn’t benefit users, we don’t do it.” There is nothing new to this actually. Google is consistently coming up with certain re-designing and revamping ideas as well as concepts. The last fall in the month of September showed changes for the mobile users.  The mobile users experienced great changes in the mobile version of Google Search Engine Page when the advertisements gave a different look and feel. Google believes in constant innovation which they strive hard to implement at their best. Currently, Google is moving ahead in a testing phase in order to analyze and check the responses from the masses. The level of acceptance and rejection will decide the final take. The changes in Google Search engine are confirmed. In a recent post on Google+, Jon Wiley, the lead designer of Google search stated, “Towards the end of last year we launched some pretty big design improvements for Search on mobile and tablet devices. Today we’ve carried over several of those changes to the desktop experience,” Wiley wrote. “We’ve increased the size of result titles, removed the underlines, and evened out all the line heights. This improves readability and creates an overall cleaner look. We’ve also brought over our new ad labels from mobile, making the multi-device experience more consistent. The look of Google search engine page is indeed giving a cleaner and a readable experience. The size of the result titles have been increased, the underline has been removed; the space between the lines is even and has created a pleasant experience to the eyes. Although the feedback comprise of mixed responses, yet people are welcoming such changes for better user experience.

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