Presenting the latest voice search app by Google

Presenting the latest voice search app by Google


Feb 25, 2014

Google’s Voice Search App

Innovations by Google

Google is one of the most creative companies in the world. It keeps on developing apps which are highly creative and useful to people. Google in association with Android has developed a new feature: Google’s Voice Search. The latest voice search app by Google or voice command feature enables the user to give commands based on relationship with the person in the contact list. This feature will only function with Android Smart Phones. The users of Android Smartphone will now be able to make phone calls and send out messages by simply giving a voice command. For Example: If a user wants to make a phone call to his or her mother than by simply saying “Call Mom” (relationship status as saved in contact list) will immediately dial up.

The device is equipped with an attribute for identifying voice of the user. The feature has already been launched and has become quite popular amongst the masses. The smartphone is equipped with a voice recognition feature which will search, call and send messages. The relationship descriptor function enables the user in saving relationship status in Android smartphones. Google+ has officially declared about its new feature on its official page. The official at Google+ said “Starting now, the Google search app on your Android phone will be able to pull up the right contact for you-and if you don’t have Mom saved as “mom,” it’ll help you set that up quickly.”

The voice based system in Smartphone will be able to respond to the default relationship names as fixed by the developers. The relationship names include Mother, Father, sister, brother, niece, nephew, cousin, aunt, uncle, grandfather, grandmother, wife, husband, boyfriend and girlfriend. Google has declared that it will be updating more names in the list of relationship names in its directory.

Google is regularly coming up with novel features for its offerings. However, Google is not the only one which is providing voice feature in its offerings. Apple’s iOS and Blackberry are also equipped with the voice based feature. Microsoft’s Bing, a search engine similar to Google is also providing voice based command feature in smartphones. Apart from this, there are other apps as well namely, Vlingom, Siri Assistant, Pro, Dragon Downloadable Apps, ChaCha Answers, etc… which respond to voice commands.

Every now and then Google is coming up with new and innovative features for smartphones. There is an app which notifies the user about the time at which he or she has to perform any task.       This app is customized one. It makes the user save notifications in the smart phone. Google’s voice command supports different languages apart from English namely Italian, German, Spanish, French, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, etc… It will be coming up with relationship names that can identify other languages as well.

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