Ok Google – New chrome app!

Ok Google – New chrome app!


Dec 11, 2013
OK Google- A New Google Chrome App facilitates Chrome use!

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Recently, Google has come up with a new app “Google OK” and added to its Chrome desktop browser. Earlier this app was introduced with Nexus 5. This feature from Google helps users in activating search on Google without pressing any button. Earlier this app was used exclusively on Nexus 5 but now it has been made available to Google chrome users using desktop. Hands free search is easily accessible on desktop when Google Voice search is downloaded by the users with Hot word Extension available on Chrome web store.   Plugin can be easily downloaded from this platform and users can talk hands free when using Chrome. There is no need of typing. They simply need to say “OK Google” and questions can be straight away asked. As soon as the phrase “OK Google” is heard, the questions regarding the same are sent directly to Google. Before introducing this feature on Nexus 5, it was used on Motorola, owned by Google. This feature was referred to as Moto X. The only difference was that this feature did not allow the phone to be unlocked on Google Nexus 5 as was possible in Moto x.   Slowly and gradually, more functionality is being attained by Google which is a real treat for the users. The way smart phones are going to be used is going to change radically in coming times with Google constantly coming with new and innovative technologies. Users simply need to ask a question without lifting a finger and the answer will be available on their screen. Google OK is recognition software that indicates that dreams of a high tech future are not too far away. Earlier, thinking in this way used to be like plucking a page from the science book but scientists and software developers are developing unthinkable technologies that are changing the face of the world.   In earlier times, voice recognition was something that was simply not taken seriously. But Google has made unthinkable thinkable and the desktop browser is now going to listen to the commands of the user and give them suitable answers in a blink of an eye.   There is a wide range of Google commands, although not every one of them works correctly but whatever has been achieved so far is radically transforming. User can also ask Google to place a call on any of their contacts available in the contact list. User simply needs to give command “Call Business” or “Call Contact” and the call will go through. This is an amazing function where users need not dial any number to place a call. All these functions and features of this app is surely going to bring a major change in lives.

Frequently Asked Questions?

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IoT refers to the network of interconnected devices that communicate and share data. It enables smart homes, wearable tech, and efficient industrial processes.
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