DSLR Cameras for Photographers!

DSLR Cameras for Photographers!


Jan 28, 2014
DSLR-Cameras-for-Photographers The DSLR entry-level cameras or point and shoot cameras like sony cybershot are handy and much cheaper than professional cameras.In some aspects, they also come with similar specifications of costly DSLR cameras. This fact makes it a favorite range among aspiring photographers and is therefore much in demand. These cameras are designed for new photographers. If you’re an experienced photographer or an entry-level photographer, you can always click an awesome picture with a DSLR. The most common features aspiring photographers must look forward for before buying a camera are, obviously, not just the megapixels.You read it right! There are some other factors equally important to be considered before you buy one that is just right for you. Sensor Quality The sensor quality of a camera aptly controls the light that is received and so becomes a contributing factor for an ideal camera. How well a sensor is designed directly affects the picture quality. At entry-level you may find cameras having 20x sensor quality, which is far better than the sensors in mobile phones! Light Performance The picture quality is NOT hampered while shooting in low light areas without flash. For this, the ISO range must be a minimum of 12,800. In terms of ISO range, many of these cameras are far better than those professional cameras, which were launched 2 years back. Speed/AF To shoot action or wildlife pictures, the speed factor and the AF factor play an important role. To click three or more pictures within a second, the AF must be nine points or above. Speed of one fps is ideal for action or wildlife photography. Megapixels You can have the finest quality picture with a great resolution and also crop it with 10 to 18 megapixel cameras. The other nice to have features include: pop-up flash, Live View mode, HD video capability, etc. The Live View mode lets you manipulate aspects such as light, scenes, and other graphical add-ons to spruce up your creative instincts and go clicking a range of on-the-spot funny, sober, sophisticated, and exciting memorable pictures of your favorite interests. You may also consider the features such as the shutter speed, auto focus/manual focus capability and self-timer to add on to the excitement of clicking not great pictures but also the best ones to add to you collection. The professional DSLR cameras are designed not just for great photographs; but much attention is given to fabrication that can withstand bad weather conditions such as, extreme heat or cold. This factor contributes directly to the price difference between entry-level DSLR and expensive professional DSLR cameras. Here is a generous list of DSLR cameras available in the market at entry-level:

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