Pinterest updating for a better experience

Pinterest updating for a better experience


Mar 3, 2014

Pinterest Updating

About Pinterest: Internet is all about staying and getting connected to different people around the world. It brings a bundle of portals that help in communicating better. It is one of the greatest ways through which one can get educated about numerous things existing in this world. There are various portals that help in exchanging thoughts, ideas, pictures, videos, etc… The evolution of social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Orkut, etc… is facilitating people to grow in life. They have become an integral way of promoting and marketing business. One such medium which is also adding to the positive aspect of social medium is Pinterest. It is a visual online board which helps the users in collecting ideas, articles, images, etc…. for their further objectives. Like other social mediums, Pinterest is also gearing up and becoming a great place of promotion for business. Started in the year 2010, Pinterest has become highly popular amongst people. It is a great tool for collecting ideas. These ideas, articles, images, etc… can be utilized for pursuing hobbies, business activities and projects. Around 25 Million of people have subscribed to Pinterest worldwide. Updations by Pinterest: Pinterest comes with a combination of various creative ideas that can be pinned easily to one’s board. The portal comes with a bundle of interest areas for the users. It provides a wide range of options to choose from. It also suggests various options for people as per their likeability. However, currently Pinterest is going through various updations in order to make it more user friendly. It has created options that are simplifying navigation process. Users can arrange their board in a more creative and innovative manner. The new design indeed evinces interest and appeal to the existing as well as new users. Previously, people were finding it bit challenging to figure out its usage and application. But the new look and updations has simplified this. Pinterest is helping people by providing relevant links with respect to their interests. It allows the user in checking out the interests of other people as well. This opens doors towards creativity and innovation. The user can post and share posts, updates, pictures, articles, etc… free of cost. Slowly and gradually the users can find their board expanding to a great extent. Pinterest is indeed becoming a beautiful world of sharing thoughts, images, learnings, etc… It helps people in reading about various things. Pinterest has made quite noticeable changes in its look. There are minute tweaking as well. The pin capacity size has become large. So, the user can now pin four posts rather than five. Hence it gives a clearer look to the viewers. The portal has become more of a visual rather than just text. The variety of streams has also increased. Pinterest has increased its categories. So the users who found certain categories missing in the previous look can now find them in the new one. The previous look of Pinterest was a bit cluttered. But the new look is very clear and simpler. The board is larger in size and so also the pinned data. Some boards have really been made large.

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