Twitter’s promoted accounts might start showing up in your timeline

Twitter’s promoted accounts might start showing up in your timeline


Dec 26, 2013
By:  Joseph Volpe twitter promoted accounts

Presence of promoted accounts from Twitter to be visible in your timeline!

A famous website, Twitter is a perfect platform where a large number of people tweet and share their views and opinions. Just 1-2 sentence messages are posted and followers follow these tweets and offer their reactions. Links to pictures, websites, videos, etc are also included in Twitter. Promoted accounts were launched by Twitter in the year 2010. When promoting an account, an algorithm for an account is created thereby finding new users who may wish to join and follow. This account will be visible in users section for “Suggestions for you”. An account will get much more followers this way where services, products or anything for that matter can be promoted by them.

On users already following promoted accounts, this algorithm is based. Other accounts will also be determined this way so that more and more followers follow tweets. With account list, it will be easier to determine who all are following an account and who all are not following a promoted account. Again in “Suggestions for you” user section, promoted accounts will be visible with a hope for other users following the same.

For the purpose of promotion, it is hugely used. Since Twitter users have increased considerably, if promoted accounts are also followed by these users, the people and the companies who are responsible for them will have a huge target market for promotion. On the pages of Twitter, information and news regarding latest services, products, concerts, shows and more will be readily available.

The effect of promoted accounts will be substantial on the advertising style. There is a similarity with spam emails. People have a choice about which accounts they would like to follow. Thus, spam advertisements they are seeing day to day can be chosen.

If information about a specific company is needed by the user, this information will be brought to the attention of the users with the promoted accounts. This is possible when users are following a bevy of accounts besides promoted accounts. If an individual or a company has a product or service for promotion, this can be done in an effective manner. When the number of followers for a promoted company increases, the number of suggestion lists where it is showing will also increase. This will surely help in stunning growth if a popular company or person is hosts this account. Thus one gets endless possibilities on Twitter.

In your Twitter timeline, soon you will see a lot of promoted tweets. Though, not so good for advertisers, Twitter is moving towards monetization. Soon promoted accounts from Twitter will also start being visible in user timeline. Twitter is being changed and now it will also appear in user timeline.

Twitter’s promoted accounts might start showing up in your timeline by Joseph Volpe

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