Now easily consolidate your Dropbox, Google Drive with CloudGOO

Now easily consolidate your Dropbox, Google Drive with CloudGOO


May 14, 2014
Consolidate Your cloud storage CloudGOO Now easily consolidate your Dropbox, Google Drive with CloudGOO ! Memory and storage becomes a key concern area while managing your drives in your system. Since one cannot control upon memory storage, there has always been a need for something which can enable easy memory management in any of the systems. Hence CloudGOO is here to tackle every problem related to storage. CloudGOO is a latest and newly developed application of Android which has been named in the most unusual manner. CloudGOO enables the user to combine and consolidate every cloud based file into one big cloud for storing all the storage accounts. CloudGOO makes an accumulation of all the cloud drive accounts into a single mobile interface. After the consolidation is done, it then utilized that single space as a singular drive to save and upload photos, music, files, videos, documents, etc… CloudGOO has been recently developed and launched by Jared Preston who is a Berlin based developer by profession. Prior to this, Jared had worked in Microsoft Seattle on Windows Live Platform followed with Deutsche Telekom. Prior to CloudGOO, a similar app named as Jolicloud was also developed. In context to Jolicloud and CloudGOO, Jared explained that idea behind developing and using CloudGOO is just not to simply keep jumping from media spaces to drives and vice versa. Instead it will enable the user to get a simple access to his files, music, videos, audios, pictures, etc… from anywhere irrespective for it being stored where ever in the device. Preston said, “Theoretically, you could just hook up as many Google Drives, Dropbox, Skydrive (one drive) etc., as you wanted, to create a total space available for you to use. CloudGOO can then be set to ‘automatic upload’ and would just utilize the space available. You would not have to worry about managing the space, just using it.” With respect to the supporting feature, CloudGOO is currently able to support almost every cloud service including Dropbox, Box, One Drive, Google Drive and lastly Amazon’s Cloud Drive. In order to start using CloudGOO in your system, firstly the user should connect his every account with CloudGOO app. Then this app would furnish details about the storage part of the drives i.e. Available Space and Total Space Available. After this data is availed, the user needs to specify about those files and documents which he or she needs to have a back up of. Also, the user can specify if the backup should be available on WI – FI or not. The user can also set an option for online synchronization of accounts via CloudGOO. CloudGOO can automatically set drive space utilization or it can be manually done as well. After successful installation of CloudGOO, the user can now easily access ones files, documents, images, videos, etc…from one single destination. This feature would allow the user to view files, share them on social sites or email, and would also enable to copy them easily on other cloud storage accounts. CloudGOO is indeed a stress free app for quick and easy memory and storage management.

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