Introducing Office Online by Microsoft V/s Google Drive

Introducing Office Online by Microsoft V/s Google Drive


Mar 6, 2014
Office Online by Microsoft V/s Google Drive About Microsoft Corporation: Microsoft Corporation is one of the IT giants that have contributed immensely in the field of Information Technology. Microsoft is a multinational corporation that is headquartered in Redmond, Washington. The company is into developing, manufacturing, licensing, selling and supporting personal computers, consumer electronics, software and other services. Founded in the year 1975, Microsoft has greatly evolved with time. Today, we cannot think about a system working without Microsoft. Microsoft has developed and offered a series of valuable products namely Microsoft Windows (OS), Microsoft Office Suite and well known web browser Internet Explorer. Within a period of four decades, Microsoft has indeed come up with various products, mergers, acquisitions, etc… With growth in the usage of Internet for business and other activities, Microsoft Corporation launched software named Office Web Apps that allowed the user to access word, excel, PowerPoint, etc… online. But it did not sound to be fruitful for the users. Recently, Microsoft has re branded the office Web Apps to Office Online. Office Online: The Office Online has been re-named after replacing the name of Office Web Apps. It was found that Office Web Apps was hardly being utilized. By launching Office Online, Microsoft has featured web versions for free namely, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc… Amanda Lefebvre of Microsoft has informed the consumers that the name Office Web Apps is often confused by the word Apps because it makes people think that this app is installed by downloading it. She admitted, “We heard from customers that the inclusion of Apps in our name was confusing.” Hence, Microsoft came up with a website named wherein the user can easily find the web versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc…. It is quite similar to the Google Drive. However, the launch of Office Online has made a benchmark. The Office Online facilitates in accessing OneDrive, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, etc… Office Online was previously known as SkyDrive, OneDrive and Office Web Apps. The following are the updates in Office Online: 1) All together a new website The initial name Office Web Apps was creating a lot of confusion amongst the users. Also, there were numerous people who are unaware about the online version of Windows tools. In order to free people from confusions, Microsoft came up with its new website which is equipped with online apps for Word, Excel, etc. 2) All together new Application bar Microsoft’s Office Online is equipped with a new bar which has been linked to all the online apps. There are more functions on app bar. This eases the process for the user to land on a desired page. The apps are named as Word Online, PowerPoint Online, Excel Online, etc. 3) All together new templates offers a wide range of templates for Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Instead of a blank document, Microsoft asks the user about the template. The user has an option to choose from. Conclusion: Office Online by Microsoft V/s Google Drive The Office Online has been launched in competition to the Google Drive. Currently, Google Drive is majorly utilized for Online Microsoft applications. But we never know about the future. The advance features of Office online might conquer the fame of Google Drive.

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