Nintendo plans to boost its business with health platform

Nintendo plans to boost its business with health platform


Feb 11, 2014
Nintendo plans to boost its businessThe lead-up to the Nintendo president namely Satoru Iwata’s investor conference had the right sort of the fevered expectancy that particularly seems more befitting a major console announcement than just a quarterly financial report. Granted, this particular situation does not seem all that different for sure. In the previous week, Nintendo had particularly announced a much staggering projected 35 billion yen loss for the fiscal year which was ending in the month of March. The team of the expert and seasoned analysts, the various journalists, and the social media all seemed to have the answer for Nintendo’s salvation: make the mobile games, or become another party, or replace the Wii U, or stay in the course. A great consensus on the way out was the furthest thing from the reality. It would indeed be wrong to say Nintendo punted. Some of the most crucial information that was provided on their future plans for Wii U, and there was a fairly limited but the significant discussion on the Nintendo’s perspective on the various mobile devices. However, the largest and the huge announcement Nintendo made was the launch of the entirely new division of their business: “Quality of Life improvement” tools. Before particularly diving into the origin about what Nintendo has actually planned, it’s really worth reviewing the very limited information of the Nintendo offered.
  1. This is not a software for the existing piece of the hardware
  2. This is indeed a new division of the company
  3. This latest  division of the company will indeed be producing its own “platform”
  4. Their particular product will not be “wearable”
  5. Their particular product will then begin with a right focus on the heath and can expand outwardly
  6. Details will particularly be announced in the year 2014 with an eventual release in the year 2015
The very basic announcement can well be paraphrased as follows: “Nintendo has particularly created a right and customized division in order to develop a new platform that will very well focus on the offering ‘Quality of Life’ enhancing the software via a new platform, beginning with – but not at all limited to – a target on educating people to lead a healthy lifestyle.” Obviously, Iwata did not particularly provide much of the relevant information, and as an outcome to the same result there are a few interrogations that need to be very clearly answered. Why does this new division require its own major “platform?” Is the term “platform” synonymous with the hardware? What kind of the “awareness” is they are indeed looking to provide? What is the major market which has the potential here? The solutions to these frequently asked questions can be found out online. Look a look at Nintendo Wii U Console – 32GB Black Deluxe Set available at Amazon!

Frequently Asked Questions?

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