A Look at My Intelligent Communication Accessory (MICA)

A Look at My Intelligent Communication Accessory (MICA)


Dec 3, 2014
A Look at My Intelligent Communication Accessory (MICA) My Intelligent Communication Accessory popularly known as MICA is the latest trend of accessory that is flowing in the market. This gadget is specially designed for women. MICA is a gadget designed in the form of a fashionable and trendy bracelet. Recently launched at a press event in San Francisco, MICA has termed as a combination of technology and fashion in a trendy manner. With such an innovation, all the critics have been silenced for those who once claimed that the tech industry are chucklehead when it comes to style. Intel has proved it wrong with its MICA launch. This gadget is specially designed keeping in mind the needs of women. The concept, manufacturer and design is worked and brought forward by a Fashion brand and Intel. The work on MICA is efficiently done and is easy to use. Apart from its efficiency, the gadget is beautifully designed with stones and pearls and garnished on top with 18k gold. You can obviously derive the class and elegance by the work done. Apart from a bracelet it has got ample of feature that never lets you get bored. The Sapphire glass touch screen model allows you to read or send messages, see notifications, reminders, and many such things. Get rid of your Smartphone You just read it right; MICA is an independent device which doesn’t require any Smartphone connectivity to call or to read/send messages. Given the price tag of $495, MICA has indeed done justice with its features and the technology involved. Not only being a golden bracelet with stones and pebbles included, one can call, message, chat through this amazingly smart and trendy bracelet. The best part about the MICA bracelets is that it doesn’t need a Smartphone at all to access any connectivity to the network. This independence makes MICA stand out from other hand gears. The phone is blessed with inbuilt AT&T Network with a 3G connection and a data plan for two years. With such wonderful feature, Intel’s MICA can certainly give a go at will.i.am’s Smart watch. The screen display of this gadget is 1.6inch OLED Display and that you can easily view Google, Facebook or email without any challenges. There is a priority feature which allows you to set your notification according to your priorities. An additional feature included in this gadget is “Time to Go”. This feature helps the users to know the exact time they are going to take to reach a particular event. The location and time are estimated according to the data collected. Technology with Luxury and Fashion The device is launched in two trendiest design with both having 18k gold coating. One model has a black snakeskin while the other has a white; the device is made up of Lapis stones from Madagascar and Chinese Pearls. No wonder MICA is worth the price tag estimated and is termed as smartest bracelet of the modern generation.    

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