Amazon Will Announce new smartphone with 3D eye tracking On June 18

Amazon Will Announce new smartphone with 3D eye tracking On June 18


Jun 13, 2014
Amazon Will Announce new smartphone with 3D eye tracking On June 18 New smartphone with 3D eye tracking! The October of the previous year made an announcement of the Amazon coming up with a new smart phone and hence, working on the same. But, this was consolidated with a little twist. This twist was with the inclusion of 3D interface. The idea meant the use of various cameras in order to track your head and eyes. The 3D interface changed as per the way it is being looked at. As per the recent tweet, Amazon has revealed its plans for hosting a press event on the 18th day of June. All the signs points out to the announcement of this device being launched. Though the tweet did not mention the announcement of the new device, the links of the videos associated with it brings forward no terms of uncertainty. In the meantime, the video by itself features people bogging their heads to and fro in order to have an interaction with the device that is out of the frame. Many other things were announced out of which, “It moved with me!” was attention seeker. When the link’s course is clicked for the request of an invite checking the developer option, the form reverts with the example. This example is of a modernized manner wherein you previously might have made the use of compass, accelerometers, gyroscopes, or even any other type of sensor while constructing your application. It also questions on the development of the apps utilizing a novel kind of sensor. The new video shows the testing of this product showing few of the beta testers responding in an enthusiastic manner to a device off screen. Some of the other users have also been seen swaying side by side with the use of the gadget. This gesture raised the rumors of the advanced technology of the eye tracking which creates the 3D images without making the use of glasses but with the use of four cameras by the smart phone being introduced by Amazon. Using the proposed technology, users would be able to look at the images and the street view; all in 3D. According to the perception of the user, each application could be easily adjusted. By moving the phone in distinct directions, same set of sensors would let the users navigate between apps and menus. In order to make the feature less eye staining for the genus staring at the mobile most of the times, Amazon needs to show up something different. CEO Jeff Bezos is quite confident with the news of company expecting to launch two different models. Registration welcomes customers, developers and the journalists to fill up the forms.        

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