Intel’s SD card sized computer might be bulky than we thought

Intel’s SD card sized computer might be bulky than we thought


Apr 1, 2014
Intel SD card sized computer Intel’s SD card sized computer At CES 2014, Intel has revealed the fact that it can make a SD card Sized chip called as “Pentium Class PC- Edison”. It is aimed at the smart wearable technology market. With just few months before the launch of Edison Development boards, Intel has changed its plan. Instead of Quark SOC chip meant for smart wearables and internet products. The first ever Edison products will be using their 22nm Silvermont dual core Intel Atom SOC, a chip being popular on PC and window tablets. An Edison PC with Atom chip will deliver more performance. But it would be bulky to fit a SD card size! So this will be bigger than we thought. We can understand that Quark based chip still in the race for Edison products line up. For now Edison products will now equipped with Atom chip and we can expect it this summer!

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