Instagram’s new video sharing service- A Review

Instagram’s new video sharing service- A Review


Feb 19, 2014


If you are probably thinking that Instagram snapshots of the lunch plates, drooling the babies and random desk objects are quite exciting, just wait until your friends start posting around 15 second videos. You won’t have to wait long for sure. Very recently Facebook’s popular Instagram photo-sharing app added a very attractive video feature. It is very much similar to its competitor Vine, which is very well owned by Twitter, Instagram now lets you record and very well share short the different videos using a few taps of a finger on any mobile device.

Most people out there do not do this. Vine has just 13 million users (one-tenth of the Instagram’s user base), and no other video-sharing apps have ever attracted the mass appeal. Part of the reason: the technical limitations. The Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom said during the service’s unveiling that the video feature was initially left out of Instagram because the overall “speed, simplicity and beauty” the creators strived for in the app “were definitely possible with photos but it was really hard for video.”

It is much easier now. The internet connections have very well and effectively become faster and the mobile phones are much snappier and equipped with the better and efficient cameras. And as Systrom promised, Instagram’s video feature is certainly very simple. Download the latest version on your iPhone or the Android device that you are probably using. All you need to do is to open it and tap the camera icon on the bottom of the screen. This will very well take you to a new screen with a video camera icon that serves your purpose. Another tap and you are ready to go.

You can very easily and conveniently record whatever you wish. If opted for a shaky panorama of the newsroom with the close-ups on co-workers’ faces, everything is possible with this feature. Another interesting video featuring the various types of the hot sauce and other things on the desk was better received by his friends on Instagram.

The videos do not have to be shot in one take for sure. Lift your finger and the particular recording stops until you tap the icon again. Writing about the various features is actually more complicated than using it for sure. The fabulous feature of finger-tap recording is Vine fans which are very familiar and works well with the Instagram, especially for patient videographers. The Tap stop tap your way through the recording and a puppet show or a piece of cake being eaten and you will indeed have yourself a 15-second stop motion animation clip or shorter if you wish. A Glance at Instagram’s new video sharing service is indeed fascinating and give you a fair idea of the various features that it possesses.  

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