Snail like Johammer electric motorcycle J1 breaks 200 km range

Snail like Johammer electric motorcycle J1 breaks 200 km range


Apr 24, 2014
Johammer electric motorcycle breaks 200 km range Seeing a rise in the prices of everything around us, people are seeking of options that can help them in surviving to a large extent. Focusing on the fuel segment, the price of petrol, gas and diesel is increasing at a sky’s range. Hence, the concept of electric cars and bikes is coming up. In order to save the costs of fuels and gases, companies are opting for manufacturing economic friendly cars and bikes that run with an electric charge. Johammer is in the news of launching its very new Electric motorcycle J1 in sometime. It gives a clean and cost friendly response to the users. With an appearance like a snail, J1 Is being referred to as World’s Fastest Snail. It can break a record of speeding above 200 KM range. The initial cost of buying Johammer is kept high but the investment is worth making. The Austrian brand and company Johammer has come up with the finest and unique design of its electric motorcycle J1. Recently, Johammer had unveiled J1 in February, 2014 in Linz Motorcycle Show. Now, Johammer has decided and planned to start up the production of its bike for two different versions namely, J1.150 and J1.200. Johammer has also revealed the prices of both the versions. Talking about the design and appeal, J1 looks very similar to a giant snail. But people should not mistake in understanding J1 to also be slow like a snail. Instead, J1 is pretty fast and quick in terms of speeding. The electronic restriction of J1 has been limited to 120 kph. There are twin foot pegs in the bike which ensures an aggressive stance to the biker. J1 has an air cooled brushless motor of 11 KW AC which provides power to this Austrian electric motorcycle. Also the power is provided with the help of single speed transmission. Understanding about both the versions separately, the reach of J1.150 is 150 Kms while the reach of J1.200 is 200 Kms. The best part about this is that this reach is possible only by charging the bike once. Johammer has an in-house production of its batteries. Hence the capacity of battery in J1.150 is 8.3 kWh while that of J1.200 is 12.7 kWh. The time for charging the batteries for eight percent differs. It takes 2.5 Hours for charging J1.150 bike while it takes 3.5 Hours for charging J1.200 bike. The weight of J1.150 bike is 159 Kgs while that of J1.200 is 178 Kgs. The rear wheel of Johammer’s J1 comprises of an electric motor. The front wheel of this bike utilizes double wishbone style front suspension mechanism along with a hub center steering. The side mirrors of J1 displays a high resolution effect for speed, data, and range of the bike. Fortunately the buyers will be glad to see a range of options for finalizing the color of their choice. The bike is available in blue, green, silver, white and yellow color. With rise in the level of curiosity for bike, the potential buyers are awaiting for its launch and availability in the market.

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