One-Wheeled Motorcycle: A Lovely Invention

One-Wheeled Motorcycle: A Lovely Invention


Feb 1, 2014
One-Wheeled Motorcycle: A Lovely Invention The thought of experiencing a ride over some one-wheeled electric motorcycle, sounds like an excerpt, from a dream or a cartoon strip. Most of us who still have the heart of a child wouldn’t give up this chance to drive an electric one-wheeled bike alongside the woods, the fields, or the neighborhood pavement. This lovely invention was sketched by a 13-year old girl, whose father, an engineer, later developed and worked upon it to look like the Ryno. It is still in an early development stage, but already has customers booking in advance orders, paying up, as much as, $150 per order. By April this year,deliveries will begin and the first batch of Rynos will be out in the market for around $5200. These electric motorcycles weigh 150 pounds, light weight with a single seat. It aims to solve the urban mobility problem. It has the same height as that of a typical motorcycle, rocks back and forth. It has a lithium-ion battery (charges for six hours), which assists in riding the Ryno for ten miles at a stretch. Remarkably,it has gyroscopes and sensors to identify the riding position and then guide the motor, accordingly. There are LED headlights and well-lit display. To propel the motorcycle forward, just lean forward and lean sideways to turn. Small movements translate to major changes in course. One of its hand grips has a break, which may feel jerky to first-timers. To stop the bike, the rider just leans behind and plants grounds. When walking alongside, the motorcycle stands upright if the handlebars are held.And of course, has a kick stand to park it. In short, adjusting to a Ryno motorcycle takes about few minutes. Further, to support balancing, rider’s legs are also easily placed on the ground, if required. It also has a weight distribution system in place. However,a helmet will definitely prove handy. 3-D printing technology is used for manufacturing its parts. This ensures easy availability of Ryno parts, and the production becomes cost-effective and scalable.Using this technology, 3-D printers can actually print the parts out one-by-one to form a 3-dimensional layered structure, as per the specification given. After the production is through, Ryno motors would have to take the permission from the municipality to permit Ryno riders on sidewalks. The Ryno will be launched in contrast to Segway and electric scooters from Works Electric. Ryno customers come from various walks of life, women who wish to drive down to nearby locations, Russians who would use it in coal mines, others who would use it to go riding to festivals, and the likes. To this point, as yet, Ryno Motors hasn’t bagged any prominent customer.

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