One wheeled environment friendly electric motorcycle by RYNO motors

One wheeled environment friendly electric motorcycle by RYNO motors


Apr 3, 2014
one wheeled electric motorcycle by Ryno There is a great story behind the success of RYNO motors that just took the world for a toll in plain six years time. The first one wheeled electric motorcycle came after six years of hard core research and development. Chris Hoffman, CEO of RYNO motors gives the credit of this electric motorcycle to his daughter Lauren. Lauren was 13 when she gave the idea to her father to build a one wheeled motorcycle for her which she used to see in video games. Chris asked her daughter, “I said to her, ‘what does it look like?’ While we were riding along, she got out a piece of paper and sketched it and that’s where it all started. She showed me the sketch and we started talking about it and she knows I’m an engineer and we talked it through while we were driving.” Chris developed this one wheeled bike in a span of six years and has come in the phase of shipping RYNO’s first production version to different parts of the world. RYNO is a self balancing, one wheeled electric motorcycle. The bike has created a boom in the market and is speedily bringing awareness amongst the masses. Around two months back, RYNO has officially announced to accept an advance in form of customer deposits for booking their RYNO, one wheeled motorbike. Today, the production is moving ahead and that it is being exported to several countries. RYNO electric bike is the first concept bike in one wheeled segment. RYNO is very comfortable in riding and commuting from place to place. This self balancing motorcycle has been developed for doing city chores, travelling to office, city travelling, personal transport, moving for work, commuting within large campuses, etc… RYNO is suitable for places covering lot of people. This electric bike fits at any place. It can be taken to office, elevators, etc… Chris Hoffman stated, “The RYNO is a fun, efficient and convenient way to get from place to place,” said Chris Hoffmann, CEO and founder of RYNO Motors. “It’s half the bike and twice the fun”. The initial balancing on RYNO is bit inconvenient. The user can learn to balance on RYNO in one to two hours; rest depends on person’s capability. The side by side balancing on RYNO is similar like a bicycle. The rider is supposed to adjust his or her legs accordingly from one side to other and vice versa. However, the forward and backward movement of the bike occurs electronically. Regular practice on RYNO electric motor bike will create an intuitive and a natural control by the rider. Ryno Motor Specs The speeding limit of 10 miles per hour makes RYNO motors best for lane riding and pedestrian walking lanes. The bike is eco-friendly and becomes a key contributor for zero emission. It is electrically charged from a normal AC point and costs less than a penny per ride. With growing levels in pollution emission worldwide, RYNO electric bike would contribute immensely for producing no emissions. The designing of RYNO has gained a lot of attention from the masses as well as media.

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