iPhone Controlled Visiobike

iPhone Controlled Visiobike


Jun 16, 2014
iPhone-Controlled Visiobike Considering the featuring of the most assorted gadgets that would even make Batman feel jealous, Visiobike controlled through your iPhone is claimed as the most hi- tech bike in the world. John Biggs stated about this gizmo packed two wheeled bike in Techcrunch. So, now a Croatian firm needs you to get your butt on an amazing new bike like form mechanical/ electric hybrid. It makes the use of a battery aid which will help you ride up the hills comprising of an automated gadget for the purpose of transmission to ensure the minimal use of your battery. Priced $5,303, named Visiobike, its manufacturing material includes carbon fiber and has a dock to your phone. As you scoot around the city, distinct software manages to offer you various treats along with the feature of transmission regulate and the speedometer. Apart from this, it has a digital camera fixed within the seat for recording and viewing purpose of the rear visitors or any other individuals. An entrepreneur and a bike passionate Marko Matenda has additionally ornamented the bike with the computerized security lights and the disc brakes. Not only this, but also an extraordinary three minute characteristic of recording is offered in order to express you with the view of the mishap. The greatest feature of all is that the bike immediately stops whenever you want it to. This is possible with a built-in emergency alarm that will contact the authorities with the help of your cell phone. This feature is actually a lifesaver. Founder of the Visiobike- Marko Matendo states that he has really put in extra piece of efforts in making this bike safest of all other out there. He got an idea of this creation a year and a half ago. The idea was an inspiration from an electric bike which his father got from China. The orientation was merely awful and as per him, it would never start. Realizing the potential owned by the electric bikes, he decided to come up with his own concept with added features to transform the way of transportation in our societies. Matenda stated that he had to bring on a group of engineers create the apps and a group pf specialist in designs to help the product stand out different in the competitive market. This high-tech bike is costlier for a common man with the expenses touching the range of €4,500 to $5,300. But, a waiver of €600 would be offered if bought from the Indiegogo campaign site. Prior to the launch of the bike in the month of December, it is expected that the Croatia based Visiobike’s prices would soar as high as €180,000, or just over $250,000.

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