Increase your pinterest followers in 8 ways

Increase your pinterest followers in 8 ways


Apr 24, 2014
Increase your pinterest followers With growing need and demand for staying connected in a virtual environment, the social platforms are aggressively being used. These social platforms are not just restricted to friends and social network. But today, these platforms have given a new direction for promoting and undertaking business activities worldwide. After the success of Facebook and Twitter, currently Pinterest is the next social platform that is being utilized to a wide extent. Pinterest has become a great trigger for channelizing and stimulating E-commerce activities. Though Pinterest is smaller than Twitter or Facebook yet it is driving 23% of media sales worldwide. People are using Pinterest aggressively by buying and selling products and various other stuffs. Pinterest is a great way to attract great consumer base, generate likes, comments, pins, repins, clicks, etc… for increasing leads and sales. Now the question comes how one can get more and more Pinterest Followers. The answer to this is stated below.  

8 ways of increasing Pinterest followers:

  1. Create a profile on Pinterest from business point of view: Firstly, the user should create a profile which reflects business name or real name. This will enable easy tracking from people. Then, the about section should contain the details with respect to business and the service offered. After describing about the business, the user should link the profile to company website. Similarly, other social networking sites can also be connected.  2. Learn to Share: Pinterest comprises of high quality images. Hence, the more the user shares the images, the more he or she can promote about the business. Colorful and bright images have more probability of being shared ahead as well.  3. Be updated and active: It is essential to keep oneself active for the activities happening on Pinterest. Hence, the section on popular feed should not be missed upon. The user should comment on the popular pins that are being updated on regular basis. The user should comment relevantly as it will show the user’s knowledge and involvement. It is essential to follow around 100 to 300 people on daily basis that share same interest and liking for particular areas. It will help in getting in touch with them. 4. Go for other social platforms as well: It is always best to connect your activities with the latest and successful social platforms namely Facebook and Twitter. The pins made the user can be easily tweeted as well on Twitter. Also, the user can post his or her Pinterest activities on Facebook News Feeds. By linking the Pinterest account to Facebook and Twitter, the user need not post them again and again. 5. Get into the Promotion of your boards: Promotion is a key for enhancing popularity and gaining followers. Instead of promoting the complete profile, the user can promote his or her popular board. The user should place the popular boards on the top for enabling easy access to followers and potential ones. 6. Conduct a Contest: The user can conduct a prize winning contest for attracting large number of followers to like their posts. The user can set rule and regulations as per his or her wish. The sole objective of this contest should be to get more number of followers. 7. Check out your popular pins: It is essential to keep a track on the popular pins for gaining and retaining same set of followers as well in further posts. 8. Promotion of Pinterest Account: Promotion is a key to attract and get more number of followers. It is a great idea to promote one’s Pinterest account. People can go in for advertising, events, business cards, conversations and marketing materials for promoting one’s account. This will gain more and more number of Pinterest followers.

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