How Smart Rearview Mirror Works

How Smart Rearview Mirror Works


Aug 26, 2014
How smart rearview works Traditional rear view mirrors work fine when there are no obstructions behind the driver in the car or when the  weather is fine. But you do not get clear rear visibility, when the weather is cloudy or if a tall man is seated in the back seat. In such situations, Smart Rearview mirrors help to get clear visibility. When it is not possible to get  rear visibility by traditional mirrors, then the driver can switch to the Smart Mirror system and traditional mirror view switches to the LCD screen. The LCD screen is mounted in the mirror housing. High resolution camera, which is installed on the  rear window of the car captures the unobstructed image and projected it on the LCD screen. Smart Rear View Mirror provides clear visibility in any environmental conditions, such as rain, dusk, dawn and snow. Smart Rearview Mirror is known as world’s first LCD monitor, which helps you to see what is behind your car, while you driving on the road. It provides clear image despite of any obstacles such as tall passengers sitting in the back seat, the design of the vehicle or weather conditions. The Smart Rearview Mirror is equipped with high resolution and high quality camera, and the specially designed LCD monitor. Display of Smart Rear View Mirror is similar to the standard rear view mirror. A switch is provided on the mirror which is easy to access to a driver. So that driver can quickly activate the Smart Rear View mirror system. LCD monitor is specially designed to fit into the mirror housing. It has a different shape and size as compared to other console screens. The narrow angle camera provides proper shape, size and resolution. Images from camera displays on screen with the correct width and height proportions. Once Smart Rearview Mirror installed in a car, then the driver can easily switch between traditional rearview mirror and LCD monitor through simple control provided on the bottom of the mirror, depending upon his preference. A camera, which has high resolution is mounted on the rear side of the vehicle. It provides the unobstructed and clear view to the driver, whereas the traditional rearview mirror does not provide the clear image because of the obstructions such as vehicle C pillars. The driver can drive more confidently in bad traffic conditions also, if Smart Rearview Mirror is installed in a car.

Smart Rear View mirror has many advantages as compared to standard mirror

  • It provides wider and clearer view, which helps you to drive more confidently.
  • Control is provided at the bottom of the mirror, through which driver can have access to the traditional rear view mirror or the Smart Rearview mirror.
  • During sunrise or sunset, and bad lighting, you will get a clear image, because of the image processing system on the LCD monitor.
Vehicle cameras are always helpful in a number of situations. Smart Rear View Mirror system is useful for safety and visibility.    

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