Can Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles Compete With Electric Cars

Can Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles Compete With Electric Cars


Jun 27, 2014
Can Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Vehicles Compete With Electric Cars Out of the blue, hydrogen fuel cell cars are once again the talk of the town. An upcoming battle between the hope giving hydrogen fuel cars and the already plug in electric cars have been proclaimed by the headlines. Toyota, Hyundai and Honda are the renowned three automakers that will provide the consumers with the fuel cars by the climax of 2015; although in minimal count and particular areas. At present, the only available car ornamented with this facet is the FCX Clarity by Honda. Since 2008, Honda has chartered only 40 out of all, individually in the South of California. Numerous automakers are on the look-out of both the cars to a higher and a smaller extent but, still could not make a choice. Choice of Teams: Nissan, Tesla, General Motors and also the BMW hold an opinion favoring the grid powered plug-in electric cars. Even though the General Motors and BMW dodging their bets to some extent with an eclectic range of assistance of gasoline engines and the extenders. Toyota and Honda, apparently still hold the opinion that the hydrogen power is the nullified emission of fuels in the coming years. Each has vividly made a repeated statement that the electric cars powered by the battery are ideal only for the smaller vehicles used over the minimum distances in the buzzing ambience of the urbanized area. Irrelevant Numbers: While the first hydrogen keys by Hyundai are likely to be handed over somewhere around the later spring, there would be perhaps near about 200,000 electric cars running out on the U.S roads and almost double than that all around the world. In the interim, Hyundai intends to 500 fuel cell cars of Tucson per year so that it grabs the market providing thousands of its self designed hydrogen cars by the year 2020. It is more likely to witness a million of plug-in cars a year coming off the assembly of the world, or the magnitude of two orders ahead. Benefits of Natural Gas: Not likely the natural gas which has now entered about half of the U.S homes, supply base for hydrogen does not exist beyond the industrial use. The possibility can be proclaimed of the vehicles powered by the natural gas could apparently come up as the bigger appliance makers with the consideration of either Amana or GE producing compressors of gas fueling and selling them off for almost $100o 0r below than that. Apart from all these, factors like infrastructure, natural constituency etc is to be evaluated as well. To sum up in the other words, what exactly is the hydrogen powered vehicle’s constituency and what is the targeted market? Considering the government policy, automaker jockeying, energy politics and many more, we think that it is going to be a real fun to blend it all over the next decade.

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