Hackers Show How To Protect Your iPhone

Hackers Show How To Protect Your iPhone


Jul 16, 2014
Hackers Show How To Protect Your iPhone iPhone has always been the talk of the town and recent buzz always makes iPhone a headline. Along with the other Apple’s iOS family products, the iPhone seems to be the computing world’s TARDIS. iPhones and iPads are worth being protected because of its outstanding features and also its extraordinary reputation. It is a smart phone and is dedicated for multitasking purposes and such a powerful device demands to have an additional protection. Particularly when the iPhones are used for sensitive errands like accessing emails, internet transactions and rest, they need extra security from being abused.

Given below are some simple tips to protect your iphone and ipad

  • Password Setting- All the products of Apple those who run on iOS, allows user to set the password for accessing of the tasks. The pass code is responsible for setting and controlling the data and the apps that are installed within the device. No data can be accessed without a pass code and there is no other way to access. This is possible because the content which is inclusive of the saved pass codes and attachments of the mails are encrypted and unless and until the appropriate password is provided, it is not possible for iOS to read the entire set of the contents. It is easy to set a password for the device. Initially launch the Settings app and search for the setting of Pass code lock in the general section. You can set a four digit or even a longer password as per your requirement and the convenience. Apple provides more than 10,000 simple combinations that are easy and quick to set up.
  • Avoid Jailbreak- To avoid the chances of malware getting on to your device, Apple allows the limitations in running of the software that will allow the restriction of some unwanted applications from being downloaded on your phone. Google is absolutely permissive of most of its software installation in both the market place as well as the non market place. This serves them an opportunity for making a way of malware into the device. Some people view this as the uninvited restriction on the activities they can carry out on their phones. This group of people may switch to jail breaking in order to get rid of Apple’s restricted facilities to approve of the unwelcomed apps. So whenever jail breaking is a concern, just do not hesitate to utter a ‘no’.
  • Cautious Surfing- Various scams like phishing and others including Iphone tunes lets you depend on the choices made by the technologies. It is pretty much easier to get fooled with the user interface tricks that include the SSL padlock and location bar making you land on appropriate sites. Make sure when you shop online or opt for internet banking, you select authenticate sites.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Blockchain is a decentralized, distributed ledger that records transactions across multiple computers. It ensures transparency, security, and immutability in data storage.
AR overlays digital information onto the real world through devices like smartphones or AR glasses, enhancing the user's perception of the environment.
IoT refers to the network of interconnected devices that communicate and share data. It enables smart homes, wearable tech, and efficient industrial processes.
AI involves creating computer systems capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. It includes machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision.
VR creates a simulated environment that users can interact with. It typically involves the use of VR headsets to provide an immersive experience.
Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting computer systems, networks, and data from digital attacks. It includes measures like firewalls, antivirus software, and encryption.

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